How to braid braids on the vertex

How to braid braids on the vertex
Pigtails on crown suitable for small women of fashion, and quite adult girls. They can be braided in a dozen different ways, decorated with decorative hair clips, elastic bands, artificial flowers. Leave your braid free to fall on your shoulder or back, or kill it in a beautiful knot.

You will need
  • – comb;
  • – Erasers for hair;
  • – studs;
  • – hair spray;
  • – wax.
Wash your hair and treat it with conditioner. He will remove excess static electricity and make strands more docile. Wavy hair before weaving can be straightened with a styler.

Choose a variant of the future hairstyle. The owner of the elongated face will go braids braided on the sides and fastened to the back of the head. Girls with the right features look very nice with a high crown oblique. And ladies of solid age are recommended complex braids, fastened with numerous studs.

Try to make a hairstyle from twisted bundles connected to crown. Divide the hair straight or oblique. Separate from the temple a narrow strand, twist it three times and press it with your hand. Take the next strand, repeat the reception, cross it with the first strand and pass under it.

Continue weaving the harnesses, moving to the back of the head. When you have finished, fix the hair with a clamp and repeat the weaving on the other side of the head. Bringing the weaving to the back of the neck, connect both parts of hair with a narrow elastic band and weave them into a tight braid. Turn it inside, forming a small loop, and clip the place of fastening with a large barrette with a decorative bow.

To braid the braid on crown, carefully comb your hair and, helping yourself with a comb, collect them as high as possible, fastened with a wide soft rubber band. Rub a small amount of wax in your hands and smooth the strands on the forehead and temples. Screw the braid, tying it on the end with an elastic band. Sprinkle your hair with a shine in the form of a spray.

For the evening, a hairstyle based on a French braid will do. Make a deep side parting, bringing it to the top of the head. Begin the weaving, separating the narrow strands and attaching curls to them from the bulk of the hair. After completing the braid on one side of the head, fasten it with a clamp and repeat the reception on the other side. Cross the braids on the back of the neck, tucking their ends under the braid. Pinch the bundle with studs, and decorate the entire hairdress with hairpins adorned with artificial pearls.

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