How to braid braids on children's hair

How to braid braids on children's hair
Длинные волосы – это красиво. Можно сделать прическу еще очаровательнее при помощи плетений из локонов. Детскую голову украсят африканские косички, «колосок», «паутинка».
Прическа, созданная на основе плетения, поможет осуществлять уход волосами – они долго останутся аккуратно уложенными. Не растреплются даже тогда, когда ребенок спит днем, занимается спортом и активно двигается. «Паутинка», помимо всего вышеперечисленного, позволяет украсить голову юной леди. С такой прической можно пойти не только в детский сад, school, but also on a visit, on any holiday.

Start creating "spider" with the preparation necessary – you need to take 2 gum and comb. You might also need an invisible. Well comb the child's hair. Separate the occipital strand, tie it with an elastic band at the base.

To a small child quietly sitting, turn on the girl cartoons, and for this time, plait her a circular pigtail.

Make a comb parting on the left side of the head – from the forehead to the "tail" on the crown. Stand up to the left side of the child, take a lock of hair, which goes immediately from the selection to the left. Divide it into 3 parts and twist them once, like when braiding an ordinary braid. Then the technology changes. In that lock, which you will be external, weave gradually the hair growing along the perimeter of the head. In the internal strand you will invest one thin curl from the "tail".

Распределите волосы затылочной части так, чтобы вам хватило их для всего плетения.

Now about this a little more. When you just started the weaving, 3 twisted the first strands, as when creating a regular pigtail, connect the outer strand to the part of the hair that is directly behind this pigtail. Twist these hair so that the newly created strand is between the other two. To the right curl, add some hair from the "tail". Now twist this string so that it is between the other two.

Создавайте по такой технологии «паутинку», пока не закончатся все волосы из «хвостика» и все, расположенные вокруг него. Таким образом создается круговая коса. Последний виток спрячьте под прическу, закрепите его невидимкой или резинкой.

The hairstyle of "spikelets" is created almost by the same technology, but to make it easier. Make a left and right parting to the top of the head. Take these hair in hand, divide into 3 parts. Twist them once among themselves. Now, in the order that was on the right, weave the hair from this part of the side, growing at the level of finding this curl. Place the resulting strand so that it is in the middle of the two main strands. Now in the left curl weave a part of the hair from this side. Thus, decorate the entire braid.

You can create an interesting variation of this hairstyle. Twist the braid in the opposite direction, putting curls not upward between the other two, but through the bottom. Periodically slightly stretch the fragments of the braid slightly upward. Then it will turn out like a lace. This pigtail will be more voluminous. Even if the girl does not have very thick hair, she will look like that.

Create a hairstyle based on "Malyavina". Taking a piece of hair between the right and left parting to the back of the head, connect them with a colored rubber band. Weave a small braid out of them. Connect it with another elastic band with hair growing from one ear to the other. Also make a few braids of a regular braid. Then connect the third elastic band to the rest of the hair. You can leave a tail like this or twine it with a pigtail. These are the main trends of hairstyles for girls on long hair, created on the basis of braids.

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