How to braid braids from curly hair

How to braid braids from curly hair
Fashionable braids on curly hair create the effect of negligence. However, during the weaving, individual strands can be too much to crumble or puff. When creating hairstyles, use styling tools to make the curls elastic and resistant.

You will need
  • Hair, hairpins, invisible, styling products, hair decorations.
For curly hair, the most popular kind of weaving: in the Greek style. The hairstyles of Greek goddesses are always relevant. Especially they like to appear with them famous Hollywood stars. So, the Greek braid is a braid around the head. It can frame the forehead and playfully hide behind the hair. And can go down from the top to the middle of the back. Finger the Greek braid only on long curly hair. First, wash your hair, apply mousse on them and blow dry.

Now take the strand over the right ear and divide it into three equal parts. Begin to weave a French pigtail in the direction of the left ear. The essence of the French braid consists in the reverse weaving. First, braid a simple braid – the right strand is twisted from the middle, then the left strand is twisted with a middle strand. Next, hold all the strands with your fingers, and on the right side of the loose hair select the strand and connect it to the right strand. Now replenish the replenished right strand with the middle one. Again, grab all the strands with your fingers, and on the left side, select a strand of loose hair and connect it to the left strand. Replenished left strand twist with a middle strand. Thus, add a pigtail to the left ear.

The resulting scythe is fixed behind the left ear so that it does not fall apart. Hide the spit under your hair. Behind you will have free hair: beautifully curl them and lay them in waves. Based on such a braid, you can make a haircut called "Waterfall". This is an excellent option for curly hair. Start the weave from the right ear and move to the left through the back of the head. When the upper strand of the braid is at the top, drop it. This is the beginning of the waterfall. Now from the free hair from below take a new strand and replace it with the one that you let go. That is, twist this strand with medium. The upper strand will again be on the vertex: release it. And again, replace it with a new lock from the bottom. Continue the weave until you reach the left ear. At this place, place a beautiful bow or flower to decorate your hair.

For curly hair, the traditional weaving of "Kolosok" is also suitable. Divide the hair on the vertex into three strands and begin to weave the traditional braid. After a couple of links grab the podderad on the right side and twist it with a middle strand. Then grab the podder on the left side and twist it with the middle strand. Make sure that the supports are the same in thickness. So, the scythe turns out even and beautiful. If you have braided the Kolosok too tightly, but want to make it volumetric: pull several links to the same distance. Since the braid is performed on curly hair, this will look attractive.

Using the technique of weaving "Kolosok", twist two symmetrical braids from the left and right side. At the end, fix the tips with elastic bands. The same braids at the base of the neck can be joined into one and continue the weaving. The braid, which descends downwards, can be raised, twisted into a bump and fixed to the head at any available height. You can finish the braid with a magnificent tail. In a word, there are a lot of hairstyles based on braids.

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