How to braid beautifully long hair

How to braid beautifully long hair
The most important ornament of any woman has long been considered to be long hair. Care of them is rather complicated and takes a lot of time. Therefore, most of the fair sex prefer to wear medium length, but that they do not interfere with the work, they are usually braided in a braid. Weaving braids requires patience and effort, but it's worth it. With their help you can create different hairstyles right at home, without resorting to the help of stylists from beauty salons.

A carefully braided braid is a real decoration. It looks very stylish and pretty easy to perform. If you have mastered the plaiting of a simple braid, then you can easily learn other, more complicated ways.

One of the most popular types of hair weaving is the spikelet. Start to braid it like an ordinary braid of three strands, but weave the strands only along the line of hair growth from the forehead to the nape, do not weave further. Hide the spit in распущенных волосах and secure it with a barrette. You will get an original hoop from the braid.

The French braid will look very beautiful. Its weaving differs in that each time you need to add new strands of hair that are taken from the sides. First, comb the hair back. From the front of the main body of hair, separate three small strands and begin to weave the braid. When the strand, which was at the beginning to the right, is on the left, it is necessary to separate a small strand from the left side and attach it to this strand. Do the same on the other side. Weave the strands until all the hair is in the braid. The remaining hair is secured with an elastic band or a hair clip.

Based on the French pigtail, you can make a wreath. To begin weaving it is necessary from a nape. First, divide the hair into two parts and separate three strands from the right side. Carefully start to weave, gradually grab other strands from above and from below. Finish the braid at the back of the head, and hide the remaining strand under the braid and lock it with invisible ones. If desired, you can leave it and curl the tail, fastening the barrette.

Twist the two symmetrical small pigtails on the sides, put them in the form of a rim on the head. In addition, the average hair length allows you to weave all kinds of Dragons.

A fashionable original hairstyle can turn out if you divide the hair into a straight parting and begin to braid from the temples to the nape, grabbing the thin strands and gradually incorporating them into the weaving. Then, at the nape of the head, connect the two side braids into one and finish the weave by fixing the tip of the braid.

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