How to braid a scythe on a side

How to braid a scythe on a side
If you do not have time to weave braids, then use the simplest option – a scythe on your side. It can be done in three minutes and without special skills.

You will need
  • -Расчёска
  • -Elastic
Comb your hair. Separate the lower part from the top part with a comb. Select three identical strands.

Then, take the lock on the right side and put it on the middle one. Tighten. After, take the left strand and connect it with the middle one.

Now, take a small amount of hair from the right side of the head and connect them to the already obtained scythe.

Повторите шаг 3 несколько раз, пока косичка полностью не закрепится.

Go back to step 2 and add the braid to the desired length. Fasten the end of the braid with an elastic band. Your hair is ready. It is suitable for a daily hike in school or at work.

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