How to braid a ribbon

How to braid a ribbon
A braid with an interlaced ribbon is an opportunity to emphasize the individuality, creating its own unique image. It is enough to include a little imagination and you can come up with a completely new hairstyle yourself, because the ways to braid scythe there are many, and each of them can be improved by adjusting for themselves.

You will need
  • – ленточки;
  • – Erasers for hair;
  • – шпильки или декоративные зажимы;
  • – crochet hook.
Interlacing the ribbon in French scythe, braided from the bottom up This hair style is suitable for medium length hair. Say girl, which you will be braiding scythe, наклонить голову вперед. Расчешите волосы вниз и на затылке у линии роста разделите их на три тонкие прядки. К одной из прядей присоедините tape и начните заплетать французскую scythe. At the top of the head, the strands must have a maximum volume. Remaining hair plait the usual pigtail and fasten with an elastic band. Ask the model to raise your head and keep it straight. Pick up scythe vertically and starting to move from the tip, gently lay it with rings or in a bundle. Fasten hair with studs or beautiful clips.

Interlacing the ribbon in French scythe, заплетенную по диагоналиЗачешите волосы назад и на виске выделите небольшую прядь, не забыв разделить ее на три равные части. К одной из частей добавьте цветную tape and braided French scythe, starting from the temple and moving to the earlobe on the opposite side. After reaching the ear, gently secure scythe invisible or stiletto. Continue weaving scythe along the entire length of the hair down, but already move in the opposite direction. Secure the tip of the braid with an elastic band. This hairstyle is performed on long hair.

A braid from two strands with a tape. Cut the hair and make a "horse" tail on the back of the head. Divide it into two equal parts. Twist each of the strands clockwise, and then wrap them gently with a ribbon. Turn on your fantasy; you can wrap a tape with one strand or two at a time, or you can wrap the strands with completely different ribbons, picking up the most successful combination of colors. Twist the strands between each other with a tourniquet and gently secure it with an elastic band. If desired, the resulting bundle can be laid with rings around the base of the tail and fixed with studs, thereby creating an original bundle.

There is a way to weave the ribbon into an already prepared hairstyle. This method requires special care and patience. The tape is carefully pushed into the braided scythe using a crochet hook and a needle with a large eyelet.

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