How to braid a pigtail fish tail

How to braid a pigtail fish tail
Hairstyle «fish tail"Was named so because at the end of the braiding of the hair, the spit resembles the tail part of the marine inhabitants. Especially successful, this hairstyle looks on straight long shiny hair. "Fish tail" can advantageously emphasize melirovanie if it is present on the hair.

You will need
  • Hairbrush, tonic for styling hair, rubber, optional hair accessories.
Hair for creating a hair style "fish tail" should be clean. Comb them thoroughly, moisturize with a hair tonic. So the curls will fit more easily, they will not become electrified. If there is no tonic, drizzle on the strand with ordinary water from the spray gun.

Divide all the hair into equal parts. At the first part of the hair with the edge, separate the thin strand and put it in the middle. Do the same with the top strand from the second part of the hair.

Thus, create a weave further, each time taking a thin strand of hair on one side and putting it inside, then on the other. The overall look of the hairstyle will in the end result vary depending on how thin the strands you will take and lay in the middle of the braid.

Try the first time to take the strands as thin as possible. With them you get a special exquisite hairstyle. But whatever size you decide to take strands, they should all be the same afterwards so that the scythe looks even.

Fasten the hair at the end of the weave, when all the outer strands are nested inside, rubber band, clamp. If you want to wear the classic look of the fish tail, then slightly tear the braid, making it visually more dense.

You can vary your "fish tail" hair style. For example, braid from the side, or starting from the bangs, from the nape, from the temple. You can braid two "fish tail" and put the braids on the sides. Another kind of hairstyle is the twisting of the already braided braid. Decorate your hair with hairpins, combs, clips, ribbons, rhinestones, studs with beads or precious stones in the base.

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