How to braid a medium-length hair

How to braid a medium-length hair
It is believed that the braid can only be weaved from long and thick hair. Then it looks beautiful. Those who have hair not particularly long, very often choose other hairstyles, thinking that the braid will not go to them. Meanwhile, there are several options for the braid, for which it is necessary hair secondary length.

You will need
  • Comb
  • Hairpin, elastic band or ribbon
Embroider the French pigtail. Strangle hair back. If there is a fringe, можно ее оставить. Спереди от основной массы volos отделите три небольшие пряди и начните плести косу. Когда прядь, которая вначале была справа, окажется слева — отделите с левой стороны небольшую прядь и присоедините ее к этой пряди. То же самое сделайте с другой стороны. Таким образом вплетайте пряди до тех пор, пока все hair will not end up in a queue. Remaining hair fasten with an elastic band or a hair clip. You can braid them and in a pigtail from behind, decorating the ribbon with bow.

You can weave two braids like a French one. Share hair on two equal parts by direct parting. Begin to weave the first pigtail, grabbing strands on the right side of the 3 forehead. Gradually weave the braid hair, separating them from the mass by small locks side and from the parting. In exactly the same way, weave the second braid.

На основе французской pigtails is done и hairstyle "wreath". You can start it from the back of the head. Share hair in two parts. From the right side, separate the 3 strands and start weaving, gradually grabbing the other strands from above and from below. . Finish the braid at the back of the head. The remaining strand can be hidden under the braid and stabbed with invisible. But you can leave and twist the tail, fastening it with a hair clip.

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