How to best straighten your hair in 2018 year

How to best straighten your hair in 2018 year
Ways to straighten hair a lot. Choose the right one, depending on the structure of the curls. Some people are helped by sparing funds, and some – chemical substances. If you can not choose the best option, consult an experienced hairdresser.

Запишитесь в салон красоты, если у вас очень упругие завитки от природы. Выпрямлять их в Home conditions бессмысленно. Если hair здоровые и сильные, вам разгладят их с помощью специальных препаратов. Раствор нанесут на hair, combed, and after a certain period of time, they will wash with warm water and fix the result. The curls will be punished for several months, then the procedure can be repeated.

Try to straighten hair with ironing or a hair dryer. But electrical appliances negatively affect the structure of the curls, so apply pre-heat protection. A phenome is more difficult to smooth out. Grasp a strand of wet hair on the comb and lead it to the bottom, while drying the hair dryer. The effect of fixing the varnish, so that it lasts longer.

Посмотрите в магазинах специальные шампуни, бальзамы и легкие кремы, которые предназначены для разглаживания локонов. Используйте их ежедневно. Эффект сохраняется на небольшой промежуток времени – это зависит от структуры волос. Если у вас упругие завитки, можете даже и не тратить на средства деньги – эффекта все равно не будет.

If you have damaged hair, which for this reason lie chaotically and do not want to take the desired form, improve them. For this purpose, regularly make masks, apply burdock or castor oil, wash the head with a nutritious shampoo. As the structure is restored, hair become more docile and silky.

There are also popular methods of straightening curls. For example, rub cognac, apple cider vinegar and other ingredients into them. But they do not always work, so do not make experiments – you can waste your time.

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