How to best pull out eyebrows

How to best pull out eyebrows
Well-groomed, harmonious eyebrows – a pledge of expressive look. When working with them, you must observe the golden mean – not well-groomed or too thin can look bad on the face and worsen the overall impression.

You will need
  • – two large mirrors of the same size;
  • – tweezers;
  • – disinfectant lotion;
  • – a cream with an extract of an aloe;
  • – wadding;
  • – Ice.
Prepare for the procedure. Wash your hands thoroughly, and then wipe them and face with a disinfectant lotion, paying special attention to the eyebrow area. Treat lotion or alcohol with tweezers – thoroughly wipe it. Do not lubricate the eyebrows with cream – the hairs will begin to slide, and removing them will be more painful.

Create a brow shape with a cosmetic pencil. As a rule, it is determined by means of three lines, which are carried out from each side of the face. The first goes from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. Extend it to the point of intersection with the eyebrow. This point should be the beginning of the eyebrow. The second line begins at the wing of the nose, but goes through the inner corner of the eye and at the point of intersection with the eyebrow forms its second extreme point. The third line must pass through the outer boundary of the iris, beginning at the wing of the nose. When crossing with the eyebrows, it forms the highest point of the eyebrow formed after correction.

Anemometer the area that you are going to handle with tweezers, using a piece of ice wrapped in cellophane. Attach it to your eyebrow for two to three minutes, until you can tolerate it. After that, pick up tweezers. Grasp the hair as close as possible to the root, pull the skin of the other hand with your fingers and pull it sharply. Begin plucking from the two extreme points indicated in the previous step. When thinning the main mass, do not get carried away too much, first treat the shape of each eyebrow, and then pull 2-3 hair from each until the desired result is achieved. Use two mirrors to see how the eyebrows look from the side.

The best option is to visit the eyebrow correction specialist for the first time, after repeating the visit every 2-3 month – in this case you will only have to maintain the eyebrow contour, and this is much easier than initially working with the form without having enough experience.

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