How to behave man

How to behave man
By chance Man can meet a woman whose beauty is simply dazzling. This chance does not often occur. But devoid of experience and elementary intuition Man is unlikely to be able to take advantage of the opportunity and win the favor of the lady he liked. Because to do this you need to know what women want.

Use every case in everyday life. Do not wait until the beautiful woman tucks her leg and accidentally falls into your arms. When meeting with a nice woman in the elevator, smile and start the conversation first. If she holds a book, ask her what she is reading. Ask what the weather is like on the street. Even if all your questions were answered and your inspiration is exhausted, say that you are hoping to see her again, and try to find out her phone number.

Women usually are not indifferent to other people's problems and will gladly help you in a difficult situation. Once in an unfamiliar place, refer to a pretty fair sex representative as a person who is guided by the terrain and can show you the right street or house. Feel free to ask to be escorted to your place. The more you pretend that you can not cope without her help, the more likely she will help you and the acquaintance will continue.

В давние времена рыцари для знакомства с красавицей совершали разные подвиги и вызволяли их из трудных жизненных ситуаций. Это актуально и по сей день, ведь вряд ли женщина откажется от своевременно оказанной помощи. Используйте возможности проявить свою галантность, они встречаются на каждом шагу. Помогите, если видите в руках интересной вам особы тяжелую сумку или чемодан. Уступите место в транспорте, help снять шубу, поменяйте проколотое колесо и т. д. После этих знаков внимания пригласите ее на свидание.

If you show woman an attitude worthy of the queen, she will reciprocate you. It is not necessary to make her chic gifts and carry her to expensive resorts. Apply the style of "aristocrat", which means elegance of actions and gestures. Send a courier bouquet of roses in honor of an event and attach a postcard to it with wishes. Or invite a lady to the theater, and after the performance take her home in a rented limousine. This style of behavior does not mean at all the desire to make an impression on a woman, but rather tell her what value she has for you. Representatives of the fair sex sometimes just need to know that they are appreciated, respected and admired by them.

In the struggle to win the favor of a beautiful woman, all means are good. The only thing that most beauties can not stand is frank rudeness. Moreover, most often they want to see in the role of a boyfriend a man who knows what he wants from life, and also how to achieve it. Be self-confident, moderately persevering, attentive to her needs, and a beautiful woman will become yours.

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