How to become bolder in the choice of makeup

How to become bolder in the choice of makeup
Love or not love for certain types of makeup depends primarily on fashion. But still some women are afraid to use bright colors in makeup, but in vain.

If you are not a fan of make-up, you are unlikely to be willing to spend every morning for half an hour on a full-fledged make-up. That's why beauty bloggers are becoming so popular, because they can tell you how to look younger for 10 minutes for 10 years or hide your full cheeks. So subscribe to a couple of popular channels on YouTube and learn for yourself.

Зачастую блогеры говорят о том, как расставить яркие акценты. Но многие женщины сторонятся ярких цветов в макияже, так как боятся выглядеть комично. Вот несколько причин, чтобы to begin to be painted every morning and use bright cosmetics at the same time.

  1. Bright make-up is no longer an evening make-up. Often a girl from early childhood is convinced that using red lipstick or bright shadows with glitter is vulgar and provocative. Or maybe just the older generation did not use cosmetics without a special reason. But times have changed, and now it's impossible to surprise anyone with trivial red lips. We live in the era of neon shades, black-burgundy lips and colored men. We see it every day in Instagram and we are not surprised at anything. So why are the competently placed accents embarrassing you?
  2. Makeup will transform you no worse than plastic. Вопреки распространенному мнению, будто makeup is old, he can throw you 10-20 years of age, making the face freshened and young. And if the plastic surgery you can not control or somehow radically change the unfortunate consequences, if they arise, then the process of makeup is subject to you "from and to." And if you pick up makeup correctly, it will transform you no worse than a plastic surgeon. Of course, in the beginning you will have to spend more time to do everything right, but eventually you will "stuff your hand", and everything will turn out automatically.
  3. The right choice is intuitive. Often, women are afraid that the chosen shade does not fit into their light-type. In fact, this is not entirely true. The most important thing when choosing a bright cosmetic is to focus on your emotions. There is always a reason why one shade attracts, and the other is repulsive. If you liked the color of lipstick, use the tester in the store and evaluate the effect. If this is what you wanted – buy it safely and do not think about the rules.
  4. Ошибки случаются, но они поправимы. Focus on the result, not on impeccable performance. For example, if you wanted arrows, but they came out crooked, do not despair. Better just shade them. The effect of large eyes will still be provided, albeit in a slightly different way.
  5. Make-up is a ritual of self-love. By devoting ourselves a little time every time we apply cosmetics, we show love for ourselves. This makes us more confident, helps us to feel our attractiveness.


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