How to become a blonde from a redhead

How to become a blonde from a redhead
Many women for the life had time to stay and blondes, and brunettes, and red, and brown-haired. Experiments with their appearance do not frighten the fair sex, because if the result does not suit the girl, you can always fix the situation.

С рыжим цветом волос вам придется немного больше поработать, чтобы превратиться в blonde. The thing is in a special pigment, which literally gets used to the structure of the hair. Before lightening, you will need to apply a special wash. The composition is applied to 20-30 minutes (read the instructions carefully) and rinse.

After this procedure, try applying a lightening paint, but the effect may not be what you expect. Red hair can turn into dull-marsh or yellow-orange. Do not forget to use a nutritional balm after each use of the chemical to treat damaged hair.

Until you bought a lot of different boxes with clarifiers, try using popular recipes that, perhaps, will not turn you into a platinum blonde, but will help achieve a beautiful golden hue. You probably noticed that when you add lemon to tea, the drink becomes quite bright.

That's why you can make the tone of your hair light with citric acid. Dilute freshly squeezed lemon juice with water and rinse with this mortar after washing. This will not only lighten the hair, but also make it shiny.

Everyone knows about the benefits and taste of honey, but few realize that honey on the effect on hair is similar to hydrogen peroxide. Wash your head with shampoo and a pinch of soda. On still damp hair, apply warmed honey. Apply it evenly, not missing a single strand. Wrap the hair in a food film and a terry towel. Leave this mask for the night. Honey will bring health and golden shine to your hair.

Make a mask to lighten hair based on kefir. Take 30-50 ml of this fermented milk product, one egg, two tablespoons of vodka or cognac, one teaspoon of shampoo and juice of half a lemon. Mix thoroughly all the ingredients and apply the mask on the hair. Cover the head with polyethylene and a soft towel. Keep the remedy on your hair for at least eight hours.

Infusion of chemist's daisy and is still popular girls, wishing to acquire a golden luxurious head of hair. Take 150 grams of chamomile, pour it bottle of vodka. Insist the remedy for two weeks, strain and add 50 mL of hydrogen peroxide.

You can do it in another way. One hundred grams of chemist's chamomile boil in half a liter of water 5-10 minutes. The broth should be infused for one hour, then strain it. Moisten the hair and rinse with 30-40 minutes. To achieve a greater effect, add 50 milliliters of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

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