How to beautifully tan in summer

How to beautifully tan in summer
Daylight saving time is coming. Everyone wants to run out to the beach and sunbathe, because the tanned body looks very sexy. However, not all women manage to get golden skin color with the advent of summer.

Define your skin type

1. If you are a man with pale skin, hair of a red or light color, you can safely refer yourself to the first type. Your skin is unprotected in the sun, so you should use sunscreen with SPF 50 +. A long stay in the sun leads to reddening of the skin and burns instead of golden tan.

2. The second type is people with fair skin and light eyes. However, they are not so exposed to sunburn, as the first type. Such people burn in the sun shoulders, nose, chest and back. To get a light tan, you can not sunbathe under direct sun exposure, using the SPF 50 protection.

3. Holders of blond hair and olive skin belong to the third type. They can actively sunbathe for an hour a day, but do not forget about skin protection.

4. Brunettes with dark skin, brown eyes get the fastest tan. If you belong to this type, you can not be afraid to get sunburned.

Simple rules for sunbathing

Apply sunscreen, especially carefully covering the nose, back and shoulders. On the face it is necessary to put a tonal basis with protection minimum SPF 15. It will help you protect yourself from freckles and uneven sunburn. Lips also require care, so spread them with a special balm. Of course, do not forget about sunglasses. This is the main rule, so as not to damage the eyes and avoid the appearance of early wrinkles. On sunny days, hair is most affected, it is necessary to put on a hat so that they do not become dry.

Optimal time for tanning

From 12 to 15 hours of the day, it's better to stay at home or hide in the tent. The sun at this time fries especially strongly, it leads to burns. It is best to go to the beach until 11 days.

Activities on the beach

Want an even tan? Spend time on the beach actively! Play games: volleyball, badminton. So the sunburn will spread evenly over the skin, and you will spend time with benefit, having fun, cheer yourself up. Being in the water, you will burn faster. After swimming in the sea, be sure to wipe with a towel to avoid the unevenness of the sunburn due to a drop of water.

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