How to beautifully make up your eyes with shadows

How to beautifully make up your eyes with shadows
Using shadows of different colors and textures, each girl can make her eyes more expressive, change their shape, depth of view.
In order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary not only to be able to correctly select shades, but also to know the rules for applying shadows.

Before make up one's eyes shadows, you need to determine the shade that fits the color of the eyes.

With gray and sky-blue eyes, shades of light beige, brown warm, pale pink, silvery and white tones look great. But green, cold brown and bright pink tones are undesirable colors.

Makeup of the brown eyes will look very interesting and spectacular if it uses shades of brown, bronze, dark gray or olive tones. In no case can brown-eyed girls use the shades of orange, lilac and pink shades.

To emphasize the beauty of green eyes, the shadows of gentle golden and cream tones are possible, as well as darker brown and bright green. It is undesirable to use light green shadows in makeup, as they are able to visually reduce eyes, as well as all shades of pink, blue.

Girls with black eyes should give preference to shades of blue and gray tones, all shades of green. To extremely undesirable tones are light pink and light green.

How to apply shadows

If you do not know how to properly apply shadows, then I advise you to learn a few simple rules that will later help you create delightful make-up, which will rivet the views.

1. Before you start applying shadows, first use a make-up base or a normal foundation. This technique will help the shadows stay in their place longer and stay on the skin better.

2. If you create a makeup with two or more shadows of different colors, then it's better to shade the boundaries between them. This trick will help makeup look more neat.

3. Remember, the inner corner of the eye lays the shadows of the lightest tones, then the darker ones. In the outer – the darkest.

Adjusting the eyes with shadows

To make the makeup look beautiful – it is not enough just to choose the right shade, you need to correctly apply them depending on the shape of the eyes, the distance from each other, etc.

1. If there is such a feature as impending eyelids, then from the shadows of dark shades it is worth noting, and at the highlight of the zone under the eyebrows to put taboos.

2. If the eyes are widely planted, then the dark shadows in the inner part of the eyes will help save the situation (the only case where the inner part of the eye can be colored with dark shadows). From the arrows of the shadows in the outer part of the eyes is to be abandoned.

3. If the eyes are fairly close, then the correct solution: the inner part is lightened, and the outer one is obscured. Arrows in this case are able to give the look a special highlight.

4. If the outer part of the eyes is slightly lowered – it does not matter: shadows of dark tones will help fix everything. All you need is to draw high arrows with the help of the shadows, while the zone near the growth of the eyelashes of the outer part of the eyes is better not to paint at all.

5. Convex eyes are not recommended to dye shades of light tones, bright. Neutral shadows are the best option.

Remember, for daytime makeup only matte shadows are suitable, but in the evening make-up you can add a touch of mother-of-pearl.

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