How to beautifully lay loose hair

How to beautifully lay loose hair
Beautiful long hair is wealth. Brilliant curls, filled with strength and health, make the girl irresistible. Laying loose hair can be in several ways, each of which completely changes the female image. Straight loose hair, just dried hair dryer, quickly bored. I want variety, and girls often think about what kind of styling to do.

To help in creating a beautiful styling will come a huge arsenal of tools and appliances: curling irons, curlers, ironing, invisible, hairpins and much more.

Hot styling

If you want perfectly smooth hair, use ironing. Wash your head, blow dry and smooth each strand of hair. It is not recommended to use an iron on wet hair, this can lead to excessive evaporation of liquid and dry tips.

Create the waves and curls will help forceps and thermobigurs. Simply wind the strands, hold the required amount of time and fix it with lacquer. Wavy curls can be left in a loose form or stabbed with invisible on one side.

For hot styling it is better to use ceramic devices with the possibility of adjusting the temperature regime. Do not forget to use thermal protection means, it will prevent dryness and brittle hair, as well as split ends.

Cold laying

Laying under the name "Malvina" is done very simply, at the same time it is suitable for every day, and for solemn occasions. Coat the hair on the vertex and fasten the upper strands in the nape of the neck. For an evening out, you can use a beautiful hairpin with stones, rhinestones or flowers. Remain left hair either smooth or wavy – your choice.

Another option of this laying: instead of combing and hairpins, twist the front strands into thin pigtails or strands. Collect them on the back of the head, fastened with an elastic band or ribbon.

Stylish laying in the form of careless waves creates the feeling that you spent half a day on the sea coast. To create it, you need to spray on the wet hair brine: for one glass of hot water, add two tablespoons of salt, a teaspoon of sea salt and a teaspoon of almond oil. Compressing your hair, you will achieve a slight disorder, and twisting strands on your fingers – waves and curls. Drying such a styling needs a natural way, a hair dryer will damage it.

На распущенных волосах красиво смотрятся различные аксессуары: повязки, ободки, заколки в виде крупных цветов и т.п. В повседневной жизни они могут быть выполнены в минималистичном стиле, а для торжественных случаев их украшают даже драгоценными камнями.

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