How to beautifully dye your hair at home

How to beautifully dye your hair at home
Is it possible to beautifully and correctly dye your hair at home? Yes, if you follow the instructions on the package and some additional rules.


Principle of hair dye work

At the heart of any paint are three constituent elements: alkali, hydrogen peroxide, artificial pigment. Alkali, as it were, "loosens up" the structure of the hair, so that it becomes porous, and hydrogen peroxide unobstructedly enters the core of the hair. Then directly peroxide brightens the natural pigment in order to make an artificial hair.

How to dye your hair at home

So, you decided to dye your hair yourself. Immediately a warning: colors exactly like a girl on a box of paint you will achieve only if you picked up the paint under your own hair tone and generally paint your hair for the first time. In other cases, distortion can not be avoided. If you dye your hair for the first time, process the entire length. With repeated staining, apply the paint only to the roots, otherwise you risk in time to get completely different hair tones at the roots and at the tips. For length, pick up toning shampoos and use them a couple of times a week.

How much should I keep the paint

Generally the time is specified in the instruction. Suppose, if 40-60 minutes are written, then in these 20 minutes you will get the right color. When painting, consider the structure of your hair. On direct hair – the maximum specified time of exposure of the paint, on wavy – between the minimum and maximum, curly – the minimum holding time.

Why in the package air conditioning

The special conditioner immediately after painting has a very low pH, which makes it so great to smooth out the hair scales. Otherwise, all the pigment would have washed, do not go to sleep and blink an eye. So never disregard the air conditioner after dyeing!

How to be, if the staining is unsuccessful

The simplest thing is to go into a darker tone to hide the failure. If you want to get a lighter color, then you only need to go to the salon. Paint itself does not discolor hair, it is only a vigorous (or not) clarifying composition that only professionals can handle. It is strongly recommended not to lighten the hair by yourself, as the result is unpredictable: from the green color of the hair to their falling out or breaking off almost to the root.

Spoils the dye of hair

There is no paint itself, but its incorrect use is absolutely yes. If the professionals have two types of dyes (one for the first staining, the second for the subsequent stains), then in the usual supermarket the choice is not so great, know yourself to use only aggressive paint with high pH. Even after such a fourth procedure, a disastrous effect will be seen. If possible, purchase a special sparing paint in a specialized store.

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