How to beautifully decorate your nails with rhinestones and fix them securely

How to beautifully decorate your nails with rhinestones and fix them securely
Маникюр со стразами всегда смотрится утончённо и изыскано. Его делают как для торжественных случаев, так и для повседневного выхода. Данный вид дизайна, пожалуй, никогда не выйдет из моды.

You will need
  • – clear gel
  • – rhinestones of different sizes
  • – dotz
  • – a thin brush
Для начала выберите рисунок из страз, который вы бы хотели видеть на своих ногтях. На фото приведены примеры простого, но красивого расположения страз. Далее рассматривается, как правильно и надежно их крепить.

Rhinestones are attached to the already finished coating. Those. the nail should already have a manicure, the nails are covered with a colored gel-varnish and top. Just on the dried top and fastened with rhinestones. If you have it with a sticky layer, then the stickiness must be removed.

Take dots, dip in a clear gel and place small drops in the places where the rhinestones should be. They should not be too big, so that the rhinestones are not drowned, otherwise the design will look messy.

The same dos, as long as it has a stickiness from the gel, take one ostrich and place where the gel is dripped. Then the design is dried in a lamp.

Take a thin brush, dip it in a gel and coat around each of the crystals already frozen on our design. Put it back in the lamp again.

For greater reliability, and in case the gel was not applied exactly, gel stains can be slightly masked by covering the top with a fingernail. But it is necessary to cover carefully, covering the rhinestones with top around, and not from above. Otherwise, the rhinestones lose their luster. Then dry in a lamp. Acting in this way, you will wear rhinestas for a long time without fear that in a few days they will fall off.

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