How to beautifully collect hair

How to beautifully collect hair
It's not enough to have a gorgeous head of hair, you still need to know how to make a beautiful and original hairstyle. There are many ways how to effectively collect hair. Thick and long hair will look great even in the most simple pigtail. And it is the pigtail that can serve as the basis for hairstyles.

Stars often make careless braids and not only in everyday life, but also at solemn events. It's very easy to create such a hairstyle. First, wash head. Desirable shampoo for volume. Нанесите пенку и высушите их без использования расчески. Потом уберите hair on one side and weave a pigtail. Pull a pair of strands out of the braid. The final result is fixed with a varnish.

You can not certainly ignore the most common way, like a French pigtail, which can be performed in several versions. To perform classic French pigtails need as far as possible weave braids in the usual technique along the way weave new strands. It can be very weak. For this weaving, large strands are used on the occipital part of the head. Having mastered this tactic, you can begin to weave more complex braids. Spit can be a very good solution to the problem, like handsomely braid hair on every day. It is an excellent addition and is suitable for any style of clothing. With a suit of strict cut are great hair, woven and laid up by a knot on the vertex.
How beautifully to collect <strong> hair </ strong>

Also very popular tails. Make a high tail. Loosen a little rubber band from the horses and pull out two strands on the sides. Toss the tail. That's a very stylish hairstyle for every day.

Укладка-эффект мокрых volos. Wash hair and apply the foam for styling. Then dry hair a hairdryer with a hen-diffuser. Treat with varnish. All is ready. You can also comb them and make a tail in the inferior occipital region, chop it with invisible objects into a bundle and evening hairstyle готова.И вы готовы покорять всех своим неотразимым образом.

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