How to be the most beautiful in the class in 2018 year

How to be the most beautiful in the class in 2018 year
All the girls are beautiful. Just not everyone can show it. And it's not the inability to paint and the absence of expensive clothes. The reason for lack of self-confidence and unwillingness to work is itself. Yes, beauty is also work. You learn to serve yourself, master the techniques of make-up, develop taste, lead a healthy lifestyle, sometimes refuse yourself something … But the reward is high. You can be the most beautiful in the class, on the course, among colleagues and girlfriends. And certainly there is someone who will tell you about it.

You will need
  • – большое зеркало
  • – 2 листа бумаги
  • – a pen
Realize your dignity. Do you consider yourself the most beautiful girl in the class? If not, consider your merits. Write them on a separate sheet. Within a few days, ask your loved ones what they like best about your appearance, style, умении держаться. Подумайте, как вы можете подчеркнуть свои достоинства.

Develop charisma. Often the queen of the class is not the girl with the most attractive appearance, but the most active, sociable, self-confident. The people perceive it as fashionable, stylish, and therefore beautiful.

Try to "get in the air" or emphasize your style. Several confident classmates created a fashion in the classroom. If you are not like them, focus on your personality and do not be afraid. If the fashion works for you, use it. It's even easier. After all, you are already considered beautiful.

Armed with the support of elders. If something goes wrong, and you feel that you can not conquer the top in any way, share your problem with the eldest. It can be a mother, sister, aunt, neighbor, teacher or school psychologist.

Finish off the "flaws". Write on the sheet everything that you attribute to the minuses of your appearance. Evaluate them in two ways: objectivity and the possibility of adjustment. For example, take the item "skin problems". Maybe, you just think that something is wrong with the skin? No? This shortcoming can be corrected. Ask your mother to take you to a cosmetologist, pick up medicinal cosmetics, learn use masking means.
Another example. You think that you have an ugly nose. This is a subjective assessment. Most likely, someone once told you about it. Why did you believe him? What were his motives? Maybe he just wanted to assert himself at your expense (he has a nose of another form). Remember, what one likes is bad for others, and vice versa.

Make friends with the competitors. If in your class there is already a recognized beauty, and you are afraid that you can not overtake her, try to become her friend. Part of her glory will get to you. About you will say "beautiful girls, ""best girls of our class ". And do not forget, beauty is largely determined by personal qualities.

Learn to look after with oneself. Beauty should be maintained. Proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, sports help look good. Smoking, alcohol, nights at the computer spoil your beauty. Learn делать harmonious makeup, beautiful neat Hairstyles и correctly treat your appearance.

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