How to be more feminine

How to be more feminine
Femininity involves a set of specific qualities inherent exclusively to the fairer sex. But not every woman clearly represents how to actually weave them into her daily image.

Feminity is determined, in particular, by external signs. First of all, this style of clothing. The art of looking like a real woman in jeans and a vest is left to more experienced ladies, but start with a slant towards the truly feminine items of the wardrobe – skirts, dresses, classic blouses. Add romantic details to complete the image – earrings, pendant, bracelet or brooch.

Try to choose less contrasting things, switch to gentle colors in clothes. Do not forget about the heels – this detail makes a woman a real lady with the right application. Learn to walk in shoes with heels, straightening his back and proudly understanding his head.

The behavior of a true lady does not cause censure. You will certainly need to refrain from foul language, harsh statements. Try not to raise your voice, speak fluently. And in public, and in your own home, keep it worthy. There is nothing worse than hypocrisy and pretense.

In addition to choosing clothes, think about caring for yourself. Femininity is manifested in caring for one's body, accepting one's individuality. Keep an eye on the state of your hair, make a manicure and pedicure on a regular basis. Pamper yourself with cosmetic procedures, enjoying them, without turning them into a duty. Good skin condition, light make-up, emphasizing dignity – that's what will make you feminine.

Предоставьте Men duties to the strong sex. Of course, a Russian woman is capable of much, but it is hardly worth it to exhaust herself with physically difficult affairs, when they can be shifted to men's shoulders. Femininity is manifested, among other things, in the unobtrusive indication that you are weaker, more tender and require care of yourself.

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