How to be beautiful with the beginning of winter

How to be beautiful with the beginning of winter
Winter is a harsh and ruthless time for the face, hands and hair. It is during this period that problems may arise that will be difficult to cope with. Differences in temperature, frosty wind adversely affect the color, elasticity and softness of the skin, health of the hair. To avoid undesirable consequences, it is necessary to properly prepare for harsh conditions and take care of and take care of your beauty during winters.

You will need
  • – Sage or chamomile flowers;
  • – milk;
  • – olive oil;
  • – Castor is not enough;
  • – vegetable oil;
  • – infusion of chamomile;
  • – Infusion of dogrose;
  • – infusion of licorice.
Immediately before the beginning зимнего периода посетите салон красоты. Сделайте глубокий очищающий пилинг. Благодаря использованию химически активных веществ эта процедура позволяет удалить отмершие клетки кожи и очистить поры. В результате ваша кожа обретет упругость, улучшится цвет лица, исчезнут пигментные пятна и морщинки.

Use moisturizing masks. For example, take 2 st.l. flowers of sage or chamomile, pour 150 g of boiling milk. Insist about 30 minutes. Apply the thick of the flowers to the previously cleansed skin. After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water or wipe with a cotton swab.

Regularly lubricate the skin with olive, castor or vegetable oil, use softening honey masks.

Воспользуйтесь услугами массажистов для поддержания тонуса кожи. Массаж улучшает кровообращение, способствует насыщению кожи кислородом, расслабляет лицевые мышцы, разглаживает морщины.

Update your cosmetic bag, because for each season requires a certain set of cosmetics. For the winter period, moisturizing creams for daytime use and night skin regeneration will be useful. To protect the lips use special nutritional balms.

To calm and soften the skin after frosty winds, wash with infusions of chamomile, dog rose or licorice.

For the skin of hands, the procedures of the Japanese manicure are ideal, which include the natural restoration of nails and skin of hands with the help of natural substances and preparations, therapeutic massage and spa.

Protect your hair from frost. Acquire special shampoos and conditioners, designed to restore and care for damaged hair. Use a variety of nutritional masks: yeast, honey, oil.

Носите головные уборы и широкие шарфы. Для защиты кожи рук используйте перчатки или варежки. По возможности берегите свою кожу от резких перепадов температур: не стоит долгое время пребывать на морозе.

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