How to be beautiful on a first date

How to be beautiful on a first date
By the first meeting with a man who likes a woman, they prepare with special care, because they are met, as is known, by clothes. However, often in an effort to appear the most beautiful, ladies achieve the opposite effect. To meet you in the best way, it is important to create a harmonious and stylish image.

Подготовьтесь к свиданию заранее. Подберите комплект одежды и макияж в соответствии с выбранным для встречи местом, погодой и вашими планами. Собираясь в самый последний момент, вы можете, как минимум, опоздать на него. Если вы не успеваете переодеться после работы, возьмите с собой в офис сменную блузку или жакет, а также косметичку. Так вы сможете обновить макияж и сменить деловой образ на более романтичный.

Men like elegant fragile girls. Therefore, for the first meetings in a cafe or restaurant it is better to choose a feminine dress of a gentle shade knee-length. A dress-case will also be a good option, as it will hide the shortcomings of the figure in the waist. A good ensemble will be a silk blouse and a pleated skirt. If you still prefer trousers, put on a classic straight model in combination with a light shirt or a tunic tunic. For a walk around the city, straight jeans in combination with a stylish turtleneck, waistcoat or bright topom. Sports style clothing will be appropriate only if you decide to go to the stadium.

Shoes for dating should not cause you inconvenience, otherwise you will look insecure and can not enjoy the communication. If you wear heels, then let them height will be average. Instead of comfortable shoes with trousers or jeans, you can combine stylish low shoes, shoes, loffers or oxford.

Make-up takes a special place in the preparation for the first date. Do not use too bright shades, lipstick or glittery products, unless you go to a nightclub. It is better, if the make-up will be sustained in calm harmonious tones. Emphasize your eyes with the help of a bulk carcass, and the sensuality of your lips will give a shimmering glow. If you use perfume, do not test the interlocutor for strength strong, bright scents. Your companion for this evening should be gentle delicate perfume. And of course, do not forget about the neat manicure.

Accessories are a great opportunity to emphasize femininity or draw attention to certain parts of the body. However, for the first date, it will be enough to have a set of small earrings, rings and chains that are kept in the same style. Do not try to hit a man by wearing all the jewelry at once or selecting the brightest and largest ones, it will only push him away from you.

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