How to be beautiful in 60 years

How to be beautiful in 60 years
In her youth, the figure 60 frightens, "bearers" of this age seem old women. As one grows older, the "threshold of aging" is moving away. Approaching the "age of elegance", many people look with hope in the direction of celebrities – screen stars, show business, politics, trying to explore the secrets of their youth.

In recent decades Secrets public people began to open faster than their safe from the touch of skillful computer "bear cubs." It has long been no secret that "eternal youth" Soviet super-star Love Orlova was due to the skill of a familiar plastic surgeon. Some of its modern successors also do not hide that they trust themselves with this miracle-esculapius. For example, Elena Proklova, Lyudmila Gurchenko have publicly admitted that they are afraid of old age. And they are ready for any medical experiments, in order to prolong the charm of "Balzac's age" for the longest possible period.

And what about those who do not have money for surgical operations, botox injections, popular dietary supplements, prestigious fitness clubs and premium and extra-premium cosmetics abroad? Remember the wise proverb: "Not everything is gold that glitters," in other words, not all that is most effective (and useful!) That is aggressively advertised and expensively imposed.

If you continue the parallels with recognizable faces, then there are other examples, for example, Elina Bystritskaya, which is very far behind 60. And what is to become, the abyss of charm with minimum makeup and complete lack of surgery! This series can be continued by many other images, and around myself we see similar women from the most diverse social strata. Someone says that he does not make any effort, everything is done by nature, genetics. Part of the truth in this, but not all. After all, beauty is often a man-made thing.

When the "transition period" of the climax is over, the hormonal bubbling has subsided, paradoxically, it's time to find harmony with yourself, with the world. It is already easier to "include the brain" in a relationship, especially with a strong gender. And the desire to please does not disappear. And it is feasible, if only not to give up, not to lose interest in life.

Often women begin to work on themselves from gaining harmony. And they go to extremes, grabbing for strict diets. The result: nervous breakdowns and the return of the kilos that have been driven so hard. Do not be like a glamorous beau monde and experiment with fashionable diets. Moreover, any district therapist or rural paramedic will give exactly the same recommendations for healthy nutrition as an expensive dietitian. Following them, it's easy to adjust the figure carefully, without stress. And the skin will not dangle like in shar pei.

The lack of estrogen in the body during this period can be replaced either with special phyto-preparations or with such simple products as cherry, ginger, soy, licorice. There are a lot of them in raspberries, it's not for nothing that enterprising Japanese use every meter of free space, sowing raspberries, even roofs of skyscrapers. After all, this berry is a chic source of vitamins of youth, toning the skin, strengthening the vessels.

As for the beauty of the skin and hair, there are dozens of very simple herbal prescriptions, inexpensive but effective lotions, and no special care is required for them.

Accuracy in clothes and hair is not worth a penny, but adds a lot of "bonuses". Do not forget that smoking solid old woman, not to mention alcoholic excesses.

But physical effort is always good. It is not necessary to run to a fitness club or stand on rollers, walk often enough, play with your grandchildren, at home do exercises with music. Or sign up for a dance group, and solve the problem of communication at the same time.

Doing your favorite thing is another great chance to raise self-esteem, to feel necessary, in demand. So, and beautiful. After all, the eternal grumbling, grumbling, complaints about life is very old and disfiguring. With such luggage and in 30 years it's easy to grow old. And optimism gives charm.

If, in addition, the intellect is not lost, the chances of being irresistible remain at any age. And even better – fall in love, this is the most powerful motivation to become better!

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