How to be beautiful if you are a teenager

How to be beautiful if you are a teenager
Very young girls have many advantages – freshness and elasticity of the skin, brightness of face colors, glitter of eyes. However, teenagers also have shortcomings, which should be hidden. Disguise traces of acne, remove excessive shine from the skin will help properly selected cosmetics. A beautiful image will be completed by a stylish hairstyle and a properly selected outfit.

Подростковый возраст – прекрасное время для экспериментов с косметикой. Вы можете пробовать различные оттенки и текстуры, выбирая наиболее подходящие. Однако слишком плотного и тяжелого макияжа стоит избегать. Откажитесь от тональных кремов в пользу корректоров и матирующей пудры. С их помощью можно замаскировать прыщи и устранить жирный блеск кожи.

In order not to attract attention to braces, избегайте ярких губных помад. Пользуйтесь легкими фруктовыми блесками, они смягчают губы, придавая им легкий оттенок. Вместо темных рассыпчатых румян попробуйте розовый, коралловый или красноватый гель, он легко распределяется по коже, создавая эффект естественного румянца.

Pay attention to the eyes. Try fashionable bright eyeliner and shade, as well as spectacular colored mascara. It is not necessary to select means in eye color – you can focus on the shade of the attire.

Make a simple multifunctional haircut – on its basis it is easy to invent new hairstyles. Try various styling products – sprays, waxes, gels and mousses. If you are not satisfied with the shade of hair, use a toning rinse – time for persistent dyes has not yet come. Give up complex laying and curling, they look too pretentious. But you will go to a variety of hairstyles based on braids, complemented by stylish hair jewelry and ribbons.

Подберите правильный гардероб. Для teenagers especially sports-style things – jeans, a variety of knitwear, simple jackets. This basic set can be completed with tops, blouses and skirts in a romantic or avant-garde style. Do not forget about shoes and accessories. Your choice – ballet shoes, comfortable boots and sneakers, they are much more fashionable and comfortable than high heels and platforms. Instead of ladies' clutches, choose comfortable backpacks and three-dimensional bags with prints.

Do not be afraid of bright colors – in adolescence, it is necessary to choose unusual combinations. Give up the gloomy shades, as well as the abundance of sparkles, they will only emphasize your too young age.

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