How to be always well-groomed

How to be always well-groomed
A modern woman simply can not afford to be neglected. She is looked at by children, a beloved husband, colleagues at work. To be always in order, a lot of effort is required. It's enough once to achieve an ideal appearance, and then just maintain the proper level.

Чтобы привести в порядок свой внешний вид, подарите себе день в салоне красоты. Покрасьте и подстригите волосы, сделайте маникюр, педикюр, эпиляцию. Сходите в солярий. Придайте форму бровям. Если они светлые – покрасьте их специальным составом. Это поможет выглядеть хорошо даже without makeup.

After the professionals have worked on your appearance, it remains to just correct the appearing imperfections in time. Manicure and pedicure correct the house, pruning the cuticle as it grows. The easiest way to do this is after taking a bath. The skin adjacent to the nails is steamed and easily separated with a special tool. If you do not like bright varnishes, apply a clear varnish to give the nails shine and prevent breakage.

With the hair, the situation is somewhat more complicated. If you have a difficult melirovanie, paint overgrown roots better in the cabin. And when the hair is toned in one color, you can adjust the image at home. Buy the paint of the desired shade. Dilute formulations in the proportions specified in the instructions. Apply first to overgrown areas (for 20-25 minutes). After this time, distribute the residues through the hair. Do not allow strong root growth. Multicolored hair gives an untidy look not only to the hair, but to the whole appearance.

Remember how the cosmetician's eyebrows were pulled out and what shape he was given. As soon as the hairs begin to grow, remove them with tweezers. So they will always be in perfect order.

To have a beautiful shade of skin persisted, visit the solarium once a week. In summer it can be done less often, and if there is an opportunity to sunbathe in the country or near the nearest lake, then do not walk at all. Just remember that the excess ultraviolet is very harmful to the body. Therefore, abuse solarium it is impossible in any case.

The most important rule for maintaining a well-groomed kind is not to postpone the necessary procedures for tomorrow. If you notice that the manicure is not in order – immediately take up the nails. Eels have appeared – make a mask or cleaning. The ends of hair began to be cut off – immediately to the hairdresser. Then you will always look beautiful, not just a couple of days after visiting the beauty salon.

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