How to be always thin

How to be always thin
Many women dream of losing weight. For some, this desire remains unattainable, for others it comes true. To keep the achieved result is also a difficult task, which is handled only by a small part of those who lose weight. To be always thin, use the advice of psychologists and nutritionists.

Представляйте себя только в стройном виде. Особенно, если вам захочется съесть что-то жирное или сладкое. Закройте глаза и представьте, как замечательно вы выглядите в bikini. Fix this spectacle and return to it every time you want something forbidden.

For lunch, eat soup. It is a nutritious and healthy dish, which for a long time keeps a feeling of satiety. Naturally, try to give preference to low-calorie soups – tomato, carrot, pumpkin or celery soup.

Заведите дневник, в который записывайте все съеденное за день. Проанализируйте записи за несколько дней. Если окажется, что вы заедаете грусть или перекусываете со скуки, замените это занятие прослушиванием любимой музыки, теплой ванной и телефонным разговором с близким человеком.

Walk more. In the cool season, the body may not have enough light, because of what spoils the mood. However, even in a gloomy winter day, street light is enough to raise the level of serotonin and give a sense of happiness. In addition, during the walk you will spend a few calories.

Употребляйте продукты с «хорошими» углеводами. К ним относятся изделия из цельного зерна, хлеб из муки грубого помола и т.д. Углеводы необходимы для правильного обмена веществ и выработки серотонина.

Find a hobby. In the evening, in front of the TV and pulls to eat tea with cookies or candy. And where there is one – there is a whole vase. But if your hands are busy embroidering or knitting, this will not happen.

Cook your favorite dishes in a new way. Instead of white flour, use flour of coarse grinding, instead of pork take beef, etc. Add more pepper to the dishes. This seasoning warms, which is very important in winter, when you want to eat more because of the cold, and burns fat deposits well.

Try to get enough sleep. Chronic lack of sleep plunges the body into a state of stress, it begins to demand more food.

Занимайтесь любовью. 20 минут секса сжигают 140 калорий и высвобождают большое количество эндорфинов – гормонов счастья.

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