How to be a beautiful spring

How to be a beautiful spring
After the winter cold and cloudy days, spring comes, and so you want to meet her fully armed, to help the body to blossom again with awakening nature. To be beautiful spring, you need to tidy your skin and hair, cleanse the body of the accumulated slag for the winter. This is like a cosmetic cleaning, which is necessary to update not only the body but also the soul.

Pay attention to the skin, because she suffered a lot of stress in the winter. Until May, you have time to do deep cleansing procedures for cosmetologistIn domestic conditions do light peels and moisturizing masks. As a day cream, it is also better to choose a moisturizer containing alpha hydroxy acids. For those with skin that has become too greasy, you need to exclude all cosmetics, which include alcohol.

Do not expose the skin to direct sunlight, make sure that your day cream contains light-protection filters that have a level of protection from ultraviolet radiation not lower than SPF-15-20. This is especially necessary for those who do not want to have freckles on their face. With the first rays of a bright spring sun, start using sunglasses.

Allocate enough time for a full sleep. Try to sleep only on the back, this will help avoid edema and provide oxygen access to the entire surface of the skin.

Поделайте питательные маски для волос и nails. There are many recipes, but it's best to take advantage of those that are based on folk remedies. They can be bought today in almost every pharmacy, and they are inexpensive. Simply allocate for this time on weekends or at bedtime, do the course of these procedures and your skin, nails and hair will acquire brilliance and strength of youth. You can drink a multivitamin or a dietary supplement.

The correct spring diet is very important. Be sure to include in your diet cereals (especially oats and rice), greens and vegetables. Before going to bed for a month you can drink wheat bran, filled with yogurt. At least a week is necessary, eliminating meat from the menu, eating vegetables and fruits. Boil light soups-puree from asparagus, pumpkin and vegetable mixes.

And, most importantly, it's a spring mood. Take advantage of the arrival of spring to perform a general cleaning of the soul – forget the old grievances, draw conclusions from failures and mistakes, schedule new goals and tasks, begin their fulfillment. Nothing so beautiful woman spring, как блеск в глазах и улыбка.

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