How to avoid weight gain: 7 tips

How to avoid weight gain: 7 tips
In the cold season, our physical activity usually decreases. A person older than 30 years on average adds a year in weight to 0,9 kg, of which 0,5 kg falls on the winter months. If you do not change your eating habits and lifestyle, by accumulating this weight, you will not be able to lose it. And 900 grams per year for 10 years will turn into additional 9 kilograms.

What's wrong with that? Accumulating 9 kg to 40-k years, to 50-ti you will store another 9. Eighteen kilos in twenty years – and you are at risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. In fact, the situation is even worse: studies have shown that people with excess weight gain about 2-kgs per year.

The main reasons for weight gain:

  • malnutrition;
  • stress;
  • alcohol;
  • lack of exercise.

Be careful with alcohol

The World Health Organization (WHO) declares the following safe doses of alcohol:

For men – 0,5 liters of beer, or 400 ml of dry wine, or 75 ml of strong alcohol per day. For women – 0,33 liters of beer, or 300 ml of dry wine, or 50 ml of strong alcohol per day. At least 4 a day a week not to drink alcohol.

Extra alcohol also disturbs sleep, dehydrates the body, gives extra calories. Calories also contribute to these kilograms of excess weight.

Each glass of alcohol drink with a glass of water, avoid sweet liqueurs and tinctures and try to comply with the norms of alcohol consumption.

Strive for a healthy diet

Any "snacks on the go" is better to exclude from the diet. For example, a patty with cheese contains about 250 calories. Healthy snacks, such as fresh vegetables, seasoned with a mixture of wine vinegar, olive oil and herbs contain only 15-20 calories.

In addition, vegetable fiber is slowly digested, thereby reducing the feeling of hunger.

Forgive yourself small weaknesses

Suppose you have a family dinner and grandma cooked your famous chocolate cake. Allow yourself a small piece and eat with pleasure. Negative emotions, caused by a sense of guilt, can lead to stress and the overeating caused by it. Of course, it is better not to make such indulgences more often than once or twice a week.

Control and maintain your healthy habits

Do you always eat breakfast? After noon, did you get used to eating some useful food? Are you trying not to eat up before going to sleep? Most of us are used to forget about useful habits at this time of year. Determine for yourself your most healthy eating habits and try not to change them.

Morning Exercise

Studies have shown that people who exercise in the morning exercise, then, during the day, show greater physical activity. After the morning exercises, people also react less to the kind of tasty food and they do not need extra food to make up for the loss of calories in the morning exercise.

People who have reduced weight and want to support it should be engaged in at least an hour a day. Include workout in your schedule! Do not postpone the next Monday, start tomorrow.

Think of someone whom you admire, who radiate health, confidence and positivity

Why do not you be inspired by such an example. This can help control eating habits.

Rejoice in a good company, not good food

Pay more attention to communication with friends and family, outdoor walks. Active way of life will distract you from thoughts about food.

Try to begin to integrate these simple and healthy rules already from tomorrow. Let it be gradual, but act.

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