How to avoid stretch marks on the abdomen

How to avoid stretch marks on the abdomen
Stretch marks, or striae – are small pale scars formed by a connective tissue. They do not cause pain or discomfort, but often prevent women from enjoying their appearance. Get rid of stretch marks is very difficult, so it's better not to let them appear.

You will need
  • – бандаж;
  • – oil for the prevention of stretch marks.
main reasons the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen – this hormonal changes in the body, pregnancy and a sharp set of weight. However, a healthy diet and proper skin care will help you minimize the risk of streaking.

During pregnancy, you should wear a bandage to avoid stretch marks. Modern bandages come in the form of belts, panties and shorts. Choose a bandage, based on the volume of the stomach. He must support the stomach, but in no case do not squeeze it. Bandage should be worn in the morning and removed only at night. Pay attention to the models with velcro or clasps, which can be moved to gradually increase the size.

Many girls who wish grow thin, choose extreme diets with an extremely low calorie content. As a result, the weight is rapidly decreasing, and the skin does not keep up with such changes – stretch marks appear. Чтобы стать стройной, но при этом не заработать стрии на животе, худейте постепенно и при этом питайтесь правильно. В вашем рационе должны присутствовать белки, жиры и углеводы.

Losing girls, pregnant women, and other women who wish to never see stretch marks on their stomach will benefit from physical exercises that will make the skin and muscles more elastic. Daily make a complex for the development of the muscles of the press, as well as to strengthen the oblique muscles. Effectively prevents stretch marks swimming. It is advisable to visit the pool at least once a week.

Массаж является весьма эффективным средством профилактики растяжек. Если у вас нет возможности регулярно наведываться в салон и отдавать себя в руки умелого массажиста, заботьтесь о коже самостоятельно. Ежедневно, используя специальные масла against stretch marks, pinch and knead "risk areas".

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