How to attract your views

How to attract your views
Magnetism of man is a natural gift, consciously or unconsciously used by people to search for and attract the second half. However, it is not enough to realize personal magnetism – it should be developed and used correctly. Owning this technique, you will not only attract the views of others around you, but will also attract the attention of the person you need.

People tend to be interested in beautiful things, their look is delayed on an attractive or unusual appearance. Just a well-groomed and tidy person is good magnet for the attention of others. But this does not mean that you urgently need to purchase a green coat, an unusual hat in feathers and orange boots. Completely suitable for ironed clothes, seasoned style, neat hairstyle, cleaned shoes. To stand out from the crowd, it is enough to emphasize one's dignity, the most important of which is the facial expression. It should be friendly, interested, open with a soft natural smile and easy coquetry In eyes.

The views are attracted by harmonious, confident individuals. How to achieve this? Your created image must match your inner feelings. Romantic natures have nothing to put on in black and build a vamp, and business style is appropriate only in the business environment, not at all on a friendly a party. Продумайте свой образ, позаботьтесь об одежде, аксессуарах, поведении.

Улыбка не только на губах, но и в глазах – главный магнит для противоположного пола. Если вы хотите привлечь взгляды какого-либо конкретного, просто улыбнитесь ему – это прямой посыл к знакомству и доброжелательному настрою.

The secret of magnetic behavior lies in the absence of pretense and falsity. Throw aside faked coquetry, sharpen your manners, follow the polite etiquette of communication, so that you look naturally elegant and elegant from the side. In the company with someone, bathe the interlocutor in your attention, memorize the details of the conversation and show interest. Do not forget about sign language, owning light touches, correct head turns, subtleties conversation you will invariably become the center of attention of a huge number of people. Elegance and refinement, good breeding and naturalness are always in fashion!

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