How to arrange a SPA in the country

How to arrange a SPA in the country
The dacha is a great place to pamper your body. After all, this is a place where solid vitamins can be found underfoot, and in some cases a healing bath is also present. If all this is included, the usual garden plot can be turned into the best spa salon.

Когда соберетесь устроить себе СПА-день на даче, тщательно подготовьтесь. Нарвите свежих овощей и зелени с грядок, затопите баню. Нарвите полезные травы, которые растут как сорняки на любом дачном участке – это ромашка, череда, крапива и другие. Слегка их подсушите.

Begin the cosmetic procedures with proper nutrition. First, eat tightly. Tightly – does not mean caloric. Food should be nourishing, but easy. For this, you need young vegetables and fresh herbs. Make a salad, season with olive oil. You can add a piece of fish to this dish. Fish can also be mined independently, if you or your man are inveterate fishermen.

Заварите собранную и подсушенную траву – настой нужно принимать в перерывах между процедурами. Травы помогают тонизировать организм, оказывают противовоспалительное действие и отлично расслабляют. Также в качестве восполнения жидкости подойдет и обычная родниковая вода из источника, который есть рядом с вашим садоводством. Свежая, а главное чистая родниковая вода быстрее выведет из организма токсины и шлаки, увлажнит кожу и окажет оздоравливающее воздействие на все тело в целом.

В domestic conditions first take a relaxing bath with aromatic oils, in conditions of giving, you can replace this procedure with washing in a bath. Also add aromatic oil to the water and begin to water yourself with it. It is best to do this from a scoop – so the water will be distributed evenly over the body and will not cause a spasm of blood vessels, as if you turned the entire pelvis over yourself immediately.

Then you need to do the peeling procedure. You can use ordinary coffee or oat flour for this. Mix the base ingredient with sour cream or yogurt, apply to the body and lightly rub with a washcloth. Rinse the mixture and go to the therma. To steamy procedures have an effective effect on you, apply honey to problem areas of the body. It will help to remove excess toxins and wastes, smooth out the mounds on the skin, pull it up and bring it into proper tonus.

For a person in the summer resort spa, you can use a strawberry mask. To do this, you will need only 5 pieces of berries, mash them into a gruel and apply to face, leave for 15 minutes. You need to make this mask at the moment when you are in the steam room. So the nutritional properties of strawberries will have a better effect on your skin. It is best to wash off the mask with cool water. The contrast of temperatures will have the most positive effect on the condition of your skin.

At the end of the wash, rinse the hair with infusion of herbs from your site. This will help them become more elastic, strong and shiny.

After the bath, make a wrap. Fit any fruit. But especially good for these purposes oranges, grapefruits, bananas, grapes. Crush them, mix them, apply them to the body. Then wrap the sheet and wrap it in a plastic wrap. Sit for half an hour and an hour in the heat, for example, reading your favorite book or magazine. After wash it off and apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream.

Finish the procedure by taking herbal tea, brewed from herbs collected with her own hands. Immediately feel how you have become prettier, the mood improved, and his eyes glittered.

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