How to Arrange a Bang Bang Beautifully

How to Arrange a Bang Bang Beautifully
Bang – this is far from a static element of the hairstyle. It can be wound, straightened, made bulky, curled. There are a lot of styling options. In this case, each of them transforms the shape of the face and appearance.

You will need
  • Bangs, hair dryer, ironing, curlers, thermalbags, water, styling products.
Round bangs – this is one of the most popular types of styling. Suitable for both straight and curly hair. Moisten a bang with water or treat it with mousse. Then wind it on the thermobigudi: they curl much faster than usual. Use the hair dryer to speed up the drying process. After this, twist the bangs and give it a beautiful round shape. To keep it, make a heap at the roots. Also for fixing, sprinkle the bangs with a strong fixation lacquer. Even a strong wind will not spoil it. As an alternative to hair curlers, when creating a wound bang, use a hairdryer with a round brush. Diameter of a brush or a nozzle choose bigger. Then the effect will turn out really stunning. Dry the hair with a hair dryer until the bangs get the right shape.

Styling bangs on the iron has several features. Its use is ideal for straight bangs, slightly curled inwards at the tips. Curl the bangs straight to dry hair: you do not need to wet them in water. The tip of the hair, squeeze the iron between the flaps and lightly puff it inward. With the help of this tool it is quite difficult to make a large wave: therefore, do not set yourself such a goal.

If you want to change the image, grow a bang, or just get tired of it, then put it back. Of course, for this it must already be long enough. Before stacking, brush it a little at the roots, then it will look like a stripe from the front. After that, comb the hair from the forehead back and fix the ends with invisible ones. To ensure that the bangs are not knocked out (after all, this position of the hair will be unusual for her), use the means of strong fixation.

For owners of curly hair and bangs, the laying method called "Sue's curl" will be beautiful: moisten the bangs with water and divide it into 5 equal parts. Each part is screwed on the hairpins or very small curlers. Wait until the hair has dried, or dry it with a hairdryer for speed. Now dissolve all the hairpins and lightly walk your fingers along the bangs. The result is a curly "something". This bangs, combined with curling curls, look youthful and playful.

Do not be discouraged if you did not have a papillot at hand. In this case, first, also divide the bangs into 5 parts, and then each of them twist into a flagellum. So that it does not untwist, fix it with hairpins, crabs, invisible. Now dry the bangs with a hairdryer. Remove hairpins, run your fingers into your hair and pound it. So, you get a bang consisting of tight curls. In order to better lay them, comb the comb with a comb and apply a fixative.

If the bangs slightly grown and became disobedient, then at the beginning straighten it well with an iron. Wetting with water is not necessary, but it is advisable to apply a thermoactive agent as a protection. After straightening with a scallop, create an oblique parting: the bangs should lie on one side. If she gets in your eyes, you can always take her by the ear.

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