How to apply

How to apply
Frowned eyes make the look more expressive, attractive and even sexy. In order to reduce your eyes, you can use a cosmetic pencil, liquid eyeliner – it is also called a liner, and ordinary shadows. Each method of application has its own nuances and advantages.

You will need
  • Eyeliner
  • Sponges
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Кисточка для подводки
  • Тени для век
Pencil eyes lead after applying shadow, but before you make up your eyelashes with mascara. Pencil lines are thicker and softer. Check if the pencil is sharpened, draw a line on the back of the hand to make sure that the wooden part of the pencil does not scratch the tender eyelid.
Cover your eyes and pull the skin of the upper eyelid from the outside to the side. This will make the eyelid more flat and allow you to apply eyeliner more evenly. Begin to lead a line from the inside of the eye to the end of the century. If you want to enlarge the eyes, with the help of the eyeliner, start drawing the line from the middle of the eye. A special soft sponge, which is usually found with other стороны карандаша, растушуйте подводку. Если такой sponges no, use the very edge of soft sponge. Pull the lower eyelid down and apply the eyeliner to the edge of the eyelid mucosa. Make sure your hand does not tremble to not get into the eye. Similarly, apply eyeliner to the second eye – check if the lines are symmetrical?

Liquid tapping can be apply as before the application of shadows, and after. It leaves more thin линии. Если вы хотите сделать линию мягче, наносите подводку до теней, если четче – после. Окуните кисточку во флакон, проведите по краю, чтобы снять излишки краски. Держите кисточку под углом в 45 градусов и ведите линию от внутреннего угла глаза к внешнему. Старайтесь нанести подводку одним движением, как можно ближе к линии роста eyelashes. If it spends a little between eyelashes, it's good. Eyelashes will look thicker. Repeat the procedure with the second eye.

Liquid eyeliner is never applied to the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid, as it not only blurs, but can also cause irritation. Lower eyelid liquid spouting lead the same way as the upper, focusing on the line of growth of the eyelashes. Before applying a shade or mascara, make sure that the eyeliner is completely dry.

In order to make the eyeliner, you will need a special flat brush. Sprinkle it with water and wipe off excess liquid with a soft cotton cloth. You need a wet, not a wet brush. Dip a brush in the shade. If the shadows are friable, shake off the excess. Begin applying eyeliner, as if driving shadows along the line of eyelash growth. Shadows do not draw lines, but inflict them in several vigorous touches. If necessary, lower the eyelid in the same technique. Periodically sprinkle the brush and dip it again in the shade. Apply the eyeliner to the second eye.

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