How to apply serum to the face

How to apply serum to the face
Do you think that the face cream does not work actively on the skin? Try to strengthen its effect by applying serum. Correctly selected product will help to solve many problems with the skin, make it smoother, radiant and tender. Learning to use this miracle means is not difficult, the main thing is not to forget that you need to do this regularly.

Выберите подходящее для вашей кожи средство. Сыворотки могут решать самые разные проблемы – они делают кожу более упругой, улучшают цвет face, relieve swelling, remove pigment spots and smooth wrinkles. Universal means do not exist – the narrower the range of problems the serum is called upon to solve, there is more chance that it will work.

If you need to refresh your face and get rid of wrinkles, do two courses – one by one. Do not put two funds at the same time or alternate them. For serum to function, daily application is required for three weeks. After that, you can take a break and try a new tool.

Read the recommendations of the manufacturer of the product. Some products can be applied to the entire face, others should not be applied on the delicate skin around the eyes. There are also special sera for eyelids, which can be used simultaneously with the agents for face.

Before applying the product, thoroughly cleanse the face with cosmetic milk and a soft tonic. Squeeze a drop of serum onto your fingers and spread it quickly over your face. For one procedure, two to three drops are enough. Do not seek to impose a thick layer of the product. Serum is not a cream, it is applied and acts differently.

Do a little massage face, gently patting the skin with your fingertips. Especially handle with care for centuries. But the contour face you can process more actively. Slap your chin and cheeks with the back of your hands.

Serum absorbed very quickly. It can be left as a sole caregiver or apply a moisturizer over it. Gently distribute the usual portion of cream with your fingertips and delicate pats, massage it into the skin. After 15 minutes of surplus can be erased махровой салфеткой.

Serum can be a good foundation for make-up. Apply to it a base under makeup, tonal remedy or a corrector and fix it all with friable powder.

There are means of immediate impact, which are not used by courses, but from time to time, on special occasions. They create the effect of well-groomed, shining face before the party or after a sleepless night. Usually such whey is packaged in disposable plastic capsules. Open one of them and apply liquid on your face with your fingertips. Do not forget about the eyelids, the area under the eyes, chin and neck. Wait five minutes and start makeup.

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