How to apply sequins to a nail

How to apply sequins to a nail
Well-groomed nails – the main component of beautiful pens. And with tastefully designed, neat manicure is also a fashionable decoration. With the help of sparkles, you can give your fingers a refined, exotic and festive look.

In order to uniformly blaze on the nails, will require a certain skill. If you are not ready for experiments, just get a nail polish with sequins in the finished mixed form and cover their nails. You can add dry sparkling grains of sand to transparent varnish, mix well – and the radiant coating is ready.

However, professionals make patterns sequins on the nails with the help of a special gel for nails. Prepare nails, cutting off the cuticle and giving them the desired shape before creating a manicure. Apply to all nails a thin layer of Bond-gel (an acid-free gel primer for strengthening and modeling nails). After treatment, the surface will become slightly dull. If there are wet stains, remove excess gel from sponge. Wait until the substrate dries completely.

Without removing the sticky layer, apply now a clear gel on the entire surface of the nail plates. Make a cover neatly: if the product gets on the cuticle, the varnish will peel off.

Cover your nails with glitters in a convenient way for you: either mix them with the gel before applying, or sprinkle them on the nail plate until the gel layer dries. For the method of shaking with sequins, use the usual applicator for shadows, a thin brush or a pointed tube for a cocktail. To remove excess, just shake your hands. In any case, after the substrate dries with glitter, it is necessary to coat the nail plate with a layer of glossy varnish to fix the result. The manicure is ready.

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