How to apply scrub

How to apply scrub
Scrubs – special means for the skin that remove dead cells, stimulate blood circulation and cause the skin to become even, soft and matte. Scrubs consist of a base – it can be a cream, cosmetic oil, gel, diluted clay, and the like. – and exfoliating particles. These particles can be as natural – sugar, salt, coffee grounds, oat flakes, etc., and artificial polyethylene granules with rounded edges.

Take note of the recommendations for using a particular scrub. If you have sensitive body skin, you can apply facial peeling to it, but it is not recommended to clean the face with body scrubs. The fact that in peelings for the body, as a rule, the exfoliating particles are larger and stiffer, in facial scrubs – less and softer.

Чтобы нанести скраб на лицо, уберите волосы назад под повязку, либо заколите их. Возьмите немного скраба на ладонь (меньше половины кофейной ложки) и, если он недостаточно жидкий, немного разбавьте теплой водой. Кончиками пальцев, круговыми движеньями, нанесите пилинг на лицо. Начните с носа и Т-зоны, обработайте щеки, затем спуститесь к подбородку и особое внимание уделите ему. Избегайте области вокруг глаз – там слишком тонкая кожа и чистящие частички могут ей навредить.

Wet a special facecloth or a small soft terry towel, remove the peeling particles from the skin with a cloth or sponge. Rinse the scrub gradually, also in circular motions, as they stimulate blood circulation. Repeat the procedure several times, periodically rinsing the towel or loofah.

Rinse your face with cool water. Dry it, pressing a soft, dry cloth to your face, do not wipe it off. Apply a light moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

If you have oily skin of the face, apply scrubs at least 2 once a week. When dry and sensitive skin of the face, especially in the winter, once in 7, or even 10 days is enough.

Для того, чтобы скрабить тело, можно использовать самодельные пилинги на основе сахара, крупной морской соли, кофейной гущи и растительного масла. Смешивайте 1 часть масла на 2 части скрабящего вещества. Добавляйте ароматические масла. Удобно наносить скраб на тело при помощи специальной нитяной перчатки или руковички.

Stand in the bath and start applying the scrub to the dry skin of the body – it works best, but if you like doing scrubbing on damp skin – it's your choice. Distribute the sleeve or palm of approximately 1 tablespoon of scrub and begin rubbing it all over your body, with light circular motions. In this case, the rule is – go up to the heart, that is, first of all put the scrub on your feet, and then on the trunk and hands. In those places where the skin is thin – the stomach, chest, neck – add a little bit of shower gel to the scrub. Where the skin is thicker – the feet, elbows, knees – apply more effort.

Wash off the scrub with water and shower gel. Apply a moisturizer. Use body scrub should not be more often than 1-2 once a week.

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