How to apply powder

How to apply powder
С помощью пудры можно добиться качественного макияжа, замаскировать пигментные пятна, воспаления. Она выравнивает цвет кожи, скрывает расширенные поры, придает коже матовость.

Choose a powder that is suitable for your skin type. If you have dry skin, use a compact powder, as it contains fats. On the sunburnt skin looks fine terracotta powder, it can be used as an alternative to blush. For dry and normal skin, a liquid cream powder is also suitable, but girls with oily skin should not use it, as it will only emphasize flaws. For oily and mixed skin, the most optimal option is a friable product.

Pick up the powder in a tone of foundation. For evening make-up, use powder to tone lighter than skin.

Apply a little powder, if the skin is dry, greasy powder a little more. Powder the skin throughout the day if it starts to shine. First, pat the skin with a thin paper towel, it will absorb excess sebum, then apply the remedy.

Powder the face after the foundation is absorbed, otherwise the powder will lie unevenly. Apply the product with a puff or a broad brush. Brush the cheekbones and side parts of the face. Puff put powder on the nose, forehead and chin.

Use a special powder with anti-inflammatory additives, if your skin is easily inflamed and prone to rashes. In this case, it will be more expedient to apply the agent with a disposable wadded disk.

Do not use a powder daily with sparkles, it is suitable only for evening make-up. Applying shiny makeup on the cheekbones, without affecting the forehead, nose and chin.

Use a powder of light green color to hide spots, blood vessels, inflamed patches. Apply it only to problem areas, then from the top, walk on them with a brush with the usual powder.

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