How to apply persistent paint on hair

How to apply persistent paint on hair
Persistent hair colors can brighten gray hair, lighten dark hair and completely change the image of a woman. Following simple recommendations, you can dye your hair yourself at home, without resorting to the help of professionals.

Стойкая краска для волос содержит в составе два компонента: щелочь, которая раскрывает чешуйки волоса, и окислитель, вступающий в реакцию с цветовым пигментом. При взаимодействии этих составляющих образуются большие красящие молекулы, которые сложно вымыть из волоса. Ухаживающие компоненты закрывают чешуйки обратно, и вы получаете блестящие окрашенные волосы.


How to choose a paint

When choosing the color of the paint, do not expect that the shade of your hair will exactly repeat the photo on the package. See the palette of shades on the back of the box.


Colors come in different textures. Cream-paint should be applied with a brush on dry hair. Paint in the form of a gel put brush on damp hair. A paint-mousse is used as a shampoo, distributing his hands over the entire head.

You can not dye your hair with persistent paint, if before that hair was stained with henna. The resulting color can be unpredictable, down to green shades. It is also not recommended to paint over the made perm.

Persistent black paint will not brighten any light. In order to radically change the color of hair, you need to use a wash. This is a special remedy that flushes the color pigment.

On the hair dye, you do not need to save, because cheap paint can lie unevenly or cause allergies. The best option is to purchase professional paint in a beauty salon or a hairdresser.


How to apply paint

Before painting, you must mix all the ingredients, according to the instructions on the package with the paint. It is better to use a plastic or glass container. Perform an allergy test by applying a little paint to the elbow fold.


Staining should be carried out on unwashed hair, blushing the scalp near the hair line with a fat cream. Wear gloves, which are usually included.

With a special brush or brush, start dyeing the hair from the occipital part, applying paint to the roots of the hair. Paint the roots and the middle of the remaining hair and wait for ten minutes. Then walk with a brush along the tips of your hair. This time interval is needed to ensure that the color is uniform, because the roots take more time to soak up the color.

Do not wrap your hair and do not exceed the required time of staining, which is indicated in the instructions. You can burn your hair, achieving dry and brittle ringlets.

To fix the result, it is necessary to apply the balm that comes in the kit, or use any available balm-rinse for colored hair.

Since the roots of the hair grow faster than the paint is washed, from time to time it is necessary to tint the overgrown roots.

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