How to apply paint in 2018 year

How to apply paint in 2018 year
Dye your hair yourself is much more profitable than doing it in the salon. The main thing is to know some subtleties to do everything right. A well-colored hair can not only give you a new image, but also give a natural shade. So not everyone will be able to guess that you regularly dye your hair, but will think that this is your natural color.

Перед тем, как начать окрашивание volos, make sure that your clothing is protected from hitting paint. Lubricate the skin with nourishing cream along the line hair growth, чтобы предохранить вашу кожу from staining and irritation.

Wear gloves. Do not use tools with metal parts, if the paint interacts with the metal, there are undesirable connections that adversely affect the paint and hair. For hair coloring the best accessories are plastic.

If you are composing a mixture of several colors, then thoroughly mix all the ingredients to obtain a homogeneous mass. Mix the paint immediately before painting so that the color intensity does not fade.

Divide the hair into four zones with two perpendicular separations passing through the vertex. First, apply the paint to the partitions, then to the occipital area. In this zone the process staining is the slowest.

But there are possible deviations from the rule when you lighten the hair. In this case, start painting on the part of the head where the greatest осветление, lastly, treat the edge of the hair at the forehead and temples.

When staining gray hair, apply the paint to the areas with the highest percentage of gray hair.

Если вы используете краску с интенсивным красным цветом, то нанесите краску сначала на длину и ends hair, moving about by 2cm. from roots, then apply the paint on the roots.

Apply the paint on your hair exactly and fast. Это поможет сделать интенсивность цвета по всему объему волос равномерной. Вам нужно уложиться за 10-15 минут. Захватывайте пряди настолько тонкими, чтобы краска была в состоянии их пропитать. Помните! Краской должен пропитаться каждый волос.

When you dye your hair again, apply the paint carefully. Those hairs that were previously painted should not be exposed to paint.

If, during painting, the paint accidentally gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

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