How to apply natural makeup in 2018 year

How to apply natural makeup in 2018 year
Ability to apply classic natural makeup – this is a whole art, which, if desired, can be mastered. Smooth skin with a natural light blush, delicately curved eyebrows, slightly emphasized eyelashes and expressive shining eyes are the result that can be achieved with some effort and spending a little time.

Начните с очищения и увлажнения кожи. Используйте для этого косметическое молочко или тоник. Обладательницам жирной кожи следует воспользоваться матирующим гелем для умывания. После очищения нанесите увлажняющий крем легкими массирующими движениями. Дождитесь, пока крем впитается. Теперь можно приступать к нанесению декоративной косметики.

The main emphasis in natural makeupе лица – безупречно гладкая кожа. Чтобы скрыть мелкие недостатки, сделать кожу ровнее и свежее, используйте корректор, тональную основу и пудру.

Hide the circles under the eyes, blur redness and other defects will help corrector. Choose a tool for a tone lighter than the skin and tonal basis.

Now the turn of the tinting foundation. To achieve the optimum consistency of a too thick base, mix it with a moisturizer. Avoid tonal means of dense texture, they will give a feeling of heaviness and unnaturalness. For combination or oily skin, an excellent option will be a balancing base in combination with matting for areas prone to fat, for example, the T-zone. Dry skin requires the use of a quality moisturizing cream and a base labeled "satin" or "silk". To apply a thin layer, use a wet sponge.

To fix the base, apply with a large brush loose powder. It should be a natural shade, without a bronze effect and shine.

Now it's time to emphasize the beauty of the eyes. Natural makeup the eye requires light, pastel shades. For example: peach, soft pink, beige, sand colors. Apply shadows of a neutral shade suitable for you on the upper eyelid. The basic tone can be supplemented by applying darker shadows to the outer corner of the century. To give the look of expressiveness, bring your eyes a light brown soft pencil or shadows that need to be carefully shaded. Twirling eyelashes, emphasize them with a brown or gray-black ink.

The final stage is the application of rouge and lipstick. Choose a blush of natural shades – peach, pink or beige. Use a brush to put them on the cheekbones. Pre-moisturize your lips, tint them with a shine or lipstick of one shade with blush.

Natural makeup универсален, ведь его можно легко изменить, добавив цвета и блеска. Пробуйте, экспериментируйте и вы обязательно найдете свой неповторимый образ!

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