How to apply mineral powder

How to apply mineral powder
Adding minerals to the composition of decorative cosmetics became very long ago, in ancient Egypt for these purposes lead, ultramarine and mica were used, crushing them to fine powder. Mineral cosmetics has a number of truly unique qualities, and therefore enjoys great popularity.

Чтобы правильно нанести минеральную powder, follow the three basic rules: "twist", "knock," "rotate." Mineral powder is packed into special jars, inside of which is an additional lid with holes (sifter). Such a design helps to conveniently dose powder.

Turn the jar and turn it upside down several times. The required amount of minerals will settle on the main cover. Hammer in it with a special brush powder, тут важно, чтобы минералы оказались внутри, а не на поверхности ворса. В противном случае и в том месте, где кисть впервые коснется лица, их будет слишком много – и слой получится неравномерным.

Shaking off the excess powder from the brush and turning it upside down with a pile, tap on a hard surface, so the minerals will spread out better along the entire length of the nap.

Rotating, light movements cause powder in a circle, as if rubbing it, from nose to cheekbones, touching the contour of the face, cheeks, forehead and chin. That there were no visible sharp borders of drawing do not forget about a zone of a decollete and a neck.

Mineral powder apply with special brushes: kabuki or flyules. Kabuki is a thick round brush made of natural nap with a short handle. It is comfortable and convenient to apply powder very dense layer. Flaules is similar to a mini-brush for powder, it is flat with an oval cut and is also made of natural materials. The paint brush is suitable for less dense coating, which allows to reduce the amount of powder and more carefully distribute the minerals over the skin.

Естественный макияж получается после нанесения тонкого слоя основы, для более насыщенного варианта нанесите powder повторно на все лицо. В местах, где поры расширены, не втирайте powder круговыми движениями, а наносите легким прикосновением. На местах покраснения кожи аккуратно растушуйте ее.

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