How to apply mineral cosmetics

How to apply mineral cosmetics
Mineral cosmetics are made from crushed natural minerals such as talc, mica, tios disodium, silica, etc. It is considered anti-inflammatory, suitable for people with sensitive skin, prone to allergies, it is chosen by fans of natural products. Produce a mineral cosmetics in the form of powders of various shades, but from them it is possible to receive both a liquid basis, and eyeliner.

You will need
  • – moisturizing cream;
  • – a set of brushes for make-up;
  • – Mineral cosmetics.
Make-up with mineral cosmetics also begins with cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Use the usual means and do not skip this step. Minerals are not able to cleanse the skin or give it the necessary moisturizing. Wait until the cream is completely absorbed, and proceed.

Начните с маскировки различных дефектов – пятен, кругов под глазами, раздражений. Наносите мягкий green concealer (Mint) to the places where you want to hide redness and yellowish (Sunshine) where you need to remove dark spots.

Take the kabuki brush to apply the base. Pour a small amount of powder on the lid from the container, lower the brush into it and rotate it to the hairs by rotating movements. Shake off the excess by tapping the edge of the brush along the side of the container. Apply one or two layers of coating on the entire face with light circular motions. Do not put pressure on the brush, because the villi can also irritate the skin.

Use the bronzer in those places that tan in the first place – it's forehead, chin, cheekbones, back of the nose. Remember that mineral cosmetics contain more pigment than normal, so you need just a few grains to get the usual effect. A light beige bronzer fits the white girls, the dark-haired women need a darker tone.

Накрасьте глаза так, как вы привыкли, только используя меньшее количество порошка. Смешивайте пигменты, чтобы получить нужные вам цвета. Любой из оттенков теней можно использовать для подводки, всего лишь смешав его с небольшим количеством дистиллированной воды. Перед тем как воспользоваться тушью, стряхните излишки минерального порошка при помощи широкой мягкой кисти.

Завершая макияж, обязательно нанесите минеральную пудру. Она будет скрывать поры и морщинки, контролировать жирный блеск и придавать всему лицу то самое ощущение « мягкого finish"About which so often write fashion magazines. Transparent powder fits all, but you can choose yellowish, pink or beige, if you want to emphasize a little the natural shade of the skin.

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