How to apply mascara

How to apply mascara
A modern girl simply does not imagine her life without makeup. And, of course, the main attribute of makeup is mascara. But not every girl knows how to apply it correctly. If the ink is applied correctly, it will not crumble until the evening. Observing the simple technique of applying makeup, your eyes will look impressive throughout the day.

Mascara should be the final step in make-up. Не наносите сначала тушь, а потом тени или подводку. В таком случае они будут осыпаться на eyelashes, and the color of the carcass will not be so bright.

If you curl your eyelashes, then this is better делать до того, как накрасите их тушью, иначе они могут просто сбиться в пучки.

First, make up the upper eyelashes on top (from the side of the eyelid), and then from the bottom (the outer side eyelashes). Take a brush and make zigzag motions, but at the same time drive brush от самого основания и до самых кончиков. Такой способ нанесения туши поможет избежать комков.

To make up the lower eyelashes, hold the brush vertically. And just swipe your eyelashes back and forth.

Best eyelashes paint one layer of carcass, this is quite enough. Maximum can make one more layer, but not more, and then the eyelashes just get off and the effect will not be the same as you would like.

Make sure that the brush does not accumulate a lot of carcass, because it will lie unevenly on the eyelashes. If you notice that the brush has accumulated a lot of money, then just wipe it with a dry napkin.

Waterproof mascara is best use как можно реже. Ведь она очень тяжело снимается. Желательно для withdrawals waterproof carcass use special tools that facilitate easy removal of mascara, without harm for eyelashes.

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