How to apply makeup correctly

How to apply makeup correctly
It would seem that it's easier to brown your cheeks, tint your eyes and lips – and that's the perfect image ready. But it is not always right to apply makeup to make it beautiful and not negatively affect the skin condition.

Before applying make-up directly, cleanse and moisturize the skin.

To make the makeup last longer and help hide the small irregularities of the skin on Facial, use the makeup base. It can be a matting base for oily and combination skin, a base with retro-reflective pigments, leveling или с увлажняющими компонентами. На нее далее проще наносить тон.

Далее выровняйте тон лица. Для этого подойдет жидкий тональный крем или крем – пудра. Тщательно растушуйте границу нанесения тона. Это линия роста волос на лбу, около ушей и около шеи.

Minor deficiencies, such as small inflammation, sosudiki, redness, bruises under the eyes disguise with a corrector. It should be borne in mind that the skin under the eyes is very thin and often dry, so it does not fit a dense corrector, which is used to mask inflammation. He will only emphasize small wrinkles near the eyes. It is better to choose a lightweight corrector. Friable powder will strengthen the foundation and smooth out some unevenness of the application.

To correct the form of the face, shadows help. Put them on the protruding parts of the cheeks – apples and shade towards the temples.

Прежде чем приступить к макияжу глаз, нанесите на веки базу под тени. Она позволяет увеличить их стойкость.

What to put first of all shadows or podvodku – solve for yourself. If you want the line of liner to be shaded, then apply it first. You can reduce your eyes with a pencil, special eyeliner or even shadows.

Выбор цвета теней не должен зависеть от цвета вашей одежды. Выбирайте цвет в зависимости от вашего цветотипа. Для дневного макияжа, возможно, будет излишним использовать много цветов в макияже глаз. Светлыми тенями можно выделить внутренний уголок глаза и пространство под бровью. Темными тенями выделите внешний угол глаза и подчеркните складку верхнего века. Тщательно растушевывайте границы нанесения теней.

Then use the conditioner for eyelashes. He will protect them from the negative influence of the carcass, and also help to separate and consolidate them.

Ink should be carefully dyed lashes from the roots to the tips. You can create a volume not at the expense of a large number of layers of carcass, but due to well-colored roots.

If shadows or mascara fall, brush them with a small amount of loose powder.

At the end, apply lipstick or shine to your lips.

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