How to apply loose powder

How to apply loose powder
Beautiful skin has long been considered a sign of health and femininity. Matt matte skin is the basis of any make-up. But, unfortunately, not all women have perfect skin. Hide some of its shortcomings – specks, redness and shine – help tone means.

Apply powder on the face only after full absorption of the day or foundation. Otherwise, the powder can lie unevenly, in the form of separate spots.

Apply crumbly powder, используя пуховку или кисть, а еще лучше – и то, и другое.

On the sides of the face and cheekbones powder наносите кистью, излишки средства на которой можно сдуть или стряхнуть. С помощью пуховки наносите powder on the central part of the face, beginning with the forehead and ending with the chin. Type powder on a puff, and then lightly apply the product on the face. Do not forget that it is the central part of the face that is especially "rich" with sebaceous glands, so it is necessary to powder the forehead, nose and chin with special care.

Do not forget to keep the powder brush clean. Wash it with warm water and shampoo at least once a week. Dry the brush in the air, but not in the sun.

Если вы хотите скорректировать форму своего лица, используйте powder different shades. A lighter color is applied to the areas of the face that you want to highlight visually, and the dark one to those you want to hide a little.

Friable powder can help to achieve greater durability of make-up. If you put it on your lips and eyelids, then lipstick and shadows will last much longer. And the powder applied to the eyelashes before you cover them with mascara will make them much thicker.

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