How to apply liquid shadows

How to apply liquid shadows
Eye makeup is a great opportunity to attract extra attention to them, add sensuality or, conversely, innocence to the whole image. Among the entire arsenal of cosmetics for the eyes are liquid shadow occupy one of the leading positions, because they allow you to make up quickly and easily.

Практически все жидкие shadow содержат перламутровые частицы. Благодаря этому вы можете легко создать яркий макияж и привлечь внимание к глазам. Однако перламутр способен подчеркнуть морщинки вокруг глаз, поэтому дамам в возрасте жидкие shadow лучше использовать с осторожностью.

Liquid shadow are applied only to the mobile eyelid, therefore, due to frequent blinking, they are able to roll down a few hours after application. To avoid this, apply a base to the eyelid before use, which will allow the shadows to last longer. If your skin is prone to fat, you can lightly powder the eyelids over the base.

Liquid shadow are prone to rapid drying, especially water resistant, so they need to be applied with light quick movements. Shadows are always sold in a vial with an applicator or brush. Apply the necessary number of shadows on the eyelid, and then softly patting the pads of the fingers to blend them. If you need a more dense coating, then apply shadow только аппликатором, либо добавьте еще один слой. Неровности, допущенные при макияже, нужно корректировать сразу же, пока shadow not dry.

After you have finished your eye make-up, cover your eyelids and wait a few minutes until shadow not dry. Thereby shadow will last longer, and the layer will remain the same on the entire surface of the century.

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