How to apply jojoba oil

How to apply jojoba oil
The most valuable in cosmetology is butter Simmondsia chinensis (butter jojoba). And valuable not in terms of value, but in terms of medicinal properties. In fact, this substance is a liquid wax, the composition of which is similar to the composition of sebum. The substance is not oxidized for a long time, forms a thin film when applied, protecting the skin from harmful external factors. Oil jojoba is a component of elite cosmetic creams, and in itself can be used as an excellent means for skin care. There are several ways to use it.

Facial and body care butter jojoba for moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the face, neck, and body. After washing / showering, apply a clean butter or enrich them with their face creams, lotions for the body. In addition, you can make an oil mixture and use it in the same way as the most common cream. At 10 milliliters of oil jojoba Take 2-3 drops of essential oils that match your skin type, mix and apply to the skin. The effect will surpass all your expectations.

Skin Care butter for the care of hands. The skin of the hands is always dehydrated. She grows old much earlier than her skin, and therefore needs the most intensive care. Butter jojoba solves the problem of dehydration, nourishes and softens the skin of the hands.

MassageUsed butter as a basis for massage mixtures or an independent means for massage. Massage of the back, face, hands and feet will be surprisingly pleasant and most effective, if as a massage you will apply butter jojoba with the addition of your favorite essential oils.

Снятие макияжаЕжедневно удаляйте макияж с помощью jojoba. To do this, apply a cotton swab to a little oil and wipe the tonal remedy, shadows, lipstick and mascara. Remove residual oil with another cotton pad. This gentle removal of make-up not only thoroughly cleanses all facial cosmetics from your face, but also leaves the skin softened and moisturized.

Уход за губами Используйте butter jojoba в качестве бальзама для губ. При регулярном применении даже самая сухая и склонная к растрескиванию кожа этой чувствительной части лица буквально преобразится, став мягкой, нежной и эластичной.

Hair CareAdd 5-10 drops of oil to a shampoo or conditioner each time you wash your hair. Your hair will be smooth, supple and healthy.

Eye Care Lubricate daily butterм jojoba sensitive eyelid skin. You will notice how gradually she brighten, становится упругой и гладкой.

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