How to apply green shadows

How to apply green shadows
Green has a huge number of shades. It is no coincidence that this color almost never goes out of fashion. In makeup green shadow are capable to give appearance freshness of spring and refinement, charm and originality.

You will need
  • – applicator / brush.
To make the green color of the eye shadow harmoniously fit into your appearance, carefully select shades and texture depending on the color of the skin, eyes, age and, of course, the color of the clothes. The currently existing diverse palette of green shadows allows you to use muted and light shades in makeup, as well as deep and rich colors. Pearly and matte, dry and liquid – a разнообразие фактур теней дает вам шанс проявить свою фантазию, вкус и чувство собственного стиля.

Apply shadow can be in various ways. If necessary, first use a foundation, smoothing the surface of the skin, and friable powder. For easy daily make-up it is enough to impose shadow only on the upper eyelid along the line of eyelash growth. You can use a pencil or eyeliner for gray, brown, greenish shades. Do not apply dark tones to the inner corner of the eye. This makes the look somewhat bluff. Begin applying shadow From the outer corner of the century, gradually approaching the inner.

Be sure to consider the texture. Matte shadow красиво и тонко оттенят ваши глаза, причем независимо от времени суток, а перламутровые будут отражать дневной свет и подчеркивать состояние кожи ваших век.

In evening make-up use more vivid and rich colors. Pearly liquid consistency of shadows is appropriate here, and shadow with sparkles, and dry shadow bright or deep tones. Very impressive looks a combination of green and dark green hues.

Put the lightest tone of the shadows under the eyebrows, and the darkest – on the entire upper eyelid and shade towards the temple. Then on the middle part of the century, apply bright green shadow, also gently shading them. If desired, select the outline of the eye with a pencil or eyeliner. Similarly, make up the lower eyelid. This version of the makeup is universal enough: it is suitable for both dark and light eyes.

Observe the basic rule good make-up – правильное сочетание холодных и теплых оттенков всех его элементов и умеренность, что сделает вас по-настоящему привлекательной. Например, изумрудные shadow for eyelids are well combined with both classic black and brown tones for mascara, and with purple hues. At the same time, the spectrum of tones of lipstick extends from natural to bright lilac. Do not forget about blush. To warm green shades of shades soft natural tones will approach, and bright pink or golden-peach shades are more suitable for bright grass.

When using dry shadows, pay attention to the wet method of applying them, which will help you create a bright and unique image, for example, for a party or a disco. So, shadow apply the applicator, previously soaked in water, and shade until they have had time to dry. Applied in this way, they last longer, keeping the brightness of the color.

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