How to apply gloss correctly

How to apply gloss correctly
To emphasize the beauty of a woman's smile is helped by gentle pleasant brilliance for the lips of a variety of color shades. Well-applied gloss protects their delicate skin from adverse effects. In addition, with its help, you can correct minor shortcomings.

You will need
  • cosmetic brush for applying lipstick / shine, shine
Нанесите на губы только блеск. Этот способ мягко подчеркнет естественную красоту губ. Блеск не утяжелит их, а создаст общий эффект легкого natural make-up. Start from the middle of the lower lip. Do not take too much shine on a special brush, so that it does not spread through the contours of the lips. It is better to repeat this procedure throughout the day. Gently shade the brush with a brush, without leaving the contour. In the same way, apply a shine to the upper lip. Connect the lips, make a slight soaking motion.

Нанесите блеск для губ на помаду, чтобы придать им объем. Используйте специальный карандаш, помаду и блеск светлых оттенков. Сначала прорисуйте контур губ карандашом. Чтобы линия контура получилась тонкой и ровной, губы необходимо расслабить. Тон карандаша должен быть чуть темнее тона помады. Ровным слоем при помощи кисточки нанесите помаду, промокнув ее излишки салфеткой. Сверху нанесите блеск. Помните, что количество помады и блеска должно быть таким, чтобы вы не ощущали их на lips.

Apply gloss only to the central part of the lips. Then you will achieve the effect of radiance. In doing so, you need to use lipstick, and if desired, and a contour pencil. To visually narrow your lips, do not use shine at all. Here comes to the aid of a foundation, a thin layer applied to the lips, a contour pencil and a lipstick with a smooth matte texture. Draw the outline of the lips, slightly receding from the natural line inwards. Apply a lipstick with a brush.

Тщательно подходите к выбору блеска для губ. В продаже представлены brilliance, which are very different in texture and composition. If you prefer to use also a contour pencil and lipstick, it is important to choose them so that they are combined among themselves in color and composition. Oils and vegetable components that make up their composition must be combined, which will eliminate unpleasant sensations on the lips, possible allergies, and also protect your lips from external adverse effects.

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